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Who’s Afraid of Colour? NGV Showcasing Indigenous Creativity


Who’s Afraid of Colour? is a new exhibition at NGV Australia in Melbourne showcasing works produced by indigenous women at the vanguard of contemporary practice

Adam & Eve and Dogs

The David Roche Foundation, Adelaide Gallery 3: David’s Dogs


Carved dogs overlook the gates as you enter the David Roche House Museum and Gallery, where you will find dogs popping up in unlikely places on your guided tour

Swan Service Plate 2

The David Roche Foundation Adelaide, Gallery 2: Rococo


The Rococo style in Gallery 2 of the opening exhibition at the David Roche Foundation House Museum & Gallery complex, North Adelaide, is gracefully exuberant!

Neoclassical Clock 1

The David Roche Foundation Adelaide – Gallery 1: Neoclassic


The neoclassical style featured in Gallery 1 The David Roche House Museum & Gallery reflects the spirit of antiquity in England & Europe during the 18th century

Urn Clock Slider

The David Roche Foundation Museum Complex Adelaide, Now Open


The David Roche Foundation House Museum & Gallery glittered gloriously with refracted light for its official opening in North Adelaide by former PM Paul Keating

1st Monday May

First Monday in May – Jo Reviews Fashion’s Exclusive Party


The First Monday in May, maybe just another day to many, but to those in the heady world of haute couture it’s the day for the super bowl of fashion – The Met Gala Ball held in New York City. Just what does it take to put on fashions night…