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Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue – Rose in Raptures

Trisha CroweRose Niland was in raptures as she reviewed Willoughby Symphony’s Rhapsody In Blue, An Evening with George Gershwin at The Concourse Theatre Chatswood Sydney

The magic of George Gershwin’s best known orchestral compositions including Rhapsody in Blue [1924], An American in Paris [1928] and Porgy and Bess [1936] were performed with passion and delivered with verve under the guidance of the vibrant Conductor Dr Nicholas Milton.

The classical pop Soprano Trisha Crow charmed the audience with her modern diva appearance, warmth, technique and tone.

She certainly touched my heart with her romantic and graceful performances.

Melbourne pianist Hoang Pham who won the prestigious 2013 ABC Symphony Australia Young Performer of the Year Award was extraordinary. His performance was gratifying at every level because he demonstrated a flawless finesse and an impeccable style that enchanted the audience.

The concert began with Strike Up the Band: Overture and I immediately responded with an unexpected emotional outpouring.

I remembered first hearing Gershwin in my youth and being moved by music that was so innovative.

The dynamic and energizing style of the Conductor Dr Nicholas Milton was evident immediately.

Milton 2He invited both players and audience to share in his passion for the music and savour the interpretation he so wondrously evolved.

The beautiful light and shade of the music of the Orchestra punctuated with the tinkle of the triangle and accompanying sounds of the percussion transported the audience to a reverie of imagined places and images.

The Conductor steered every note with gestures that communicated his love of Gershwin’s music.

At the end of the Overture Dr Nicholas invited the audience to experience the extraordinary and unique melodies of George Gershwin’s music and to celebrate the incredible legacy of his compositions.

He spoke with pride about the Orchestra’s commitment to serve the Willoughby community. He sprinkled humour in his opening remarks when he articulated that the performance started with the encore.

He threaded humour throughout the performance demonstrating his infectious style of showmanship and his capacity for comedy.

Willoughby Symphony Orchestra 2 Strike up the Band began gently with the sound of drumbeats building and instruments echoing the theme. I found the beautiful music aesthetically pleasing to the ear, romantic to the heart and a wistful tone touched the memory.

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A Fine Possession – Rare Gem at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

Cullinan Diamond Necklace

Cullinan 2 Necklace, rock crystal, rose quartz, glass, synthetic rubies, gold, Philip Sajet (1953), Latour de France, France, 2012, – courtesy Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

The Epic of Gilgamesh, perhaps the oldest written story on earth written between 2750 and 2500 BCE details the mother of Gilgamesh, hero and historical King of Uruk saying

Queen Ninsun went into her living quarters.
She washed herself with the purity plant,
she donned a robe worthy of her body,
she donned jewels worthy of her chest,
she donned her sash, and put on her crown.

The evolution of society as reflected in its jewellery (jewelry) is closely linked to our ‘identity’. The stunning ‘Cullinan 2 necklace the curator reports, is asking us to ‘recognise the value of jewellery beyond material value’.

It is set with ‘two diamonds, which are copies out of crystal of the world’s most famous cut diamonds.

A Fine Possession’, an exhibition at Sydney’s Applied Arts and Sciences Museum, in the Powerhouse Museum building at Ultimo, is indeed a rare gem in both content and display.

Man of the Moment

Goodness, is this the future for men?

The jewellery from antiquity to the contemporary age is arranged thematically and to say the pieces are all eye catching, thought provoking, quite interesting and in many cases dazzling doesn’t really begin to give you a hint how wonderful this display really is.

This is a show sure to improve the more you visit it over the year ahead and is one to be experienced in person, because photographs online or in books never really replace just how wonderful an object is to look at personally.

The show has been beautifully curated by the very talented Eva Czernis-Ryl, assisted by author and antique jewellery dealer and collector Anne Schofield, plus a very ‘driven’ team of people.

This show is an experience deserving of the glowing accolades, which were delivered in fine style by Paul Keating at the official opening.

The exhibition is all about identity and the evolution of our culture and its fashionable concerns, political, philosophical and personal; always a fascinating subject.

Contemporary Tiara by Fiona Hall, courtesy Powerhouse Museum

Contemporary Tiara by Fiona Hall, courtesy Powerhouse Museum

Thankfully it is also importantly about ‘a shared vision of fostering artistic excellence, facilitating community engagement and commercial opportunities’.

These are all clearly identified key factors in maintaining a creative Australia.

This is central to modernizing funding so that museums such as the Powerhouse at Sydney can obtain and maintain both key philanthropy and support.

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