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Anne Schofield – Contemporary Jewellery by Jacqueline Lillie

Red tendril earrings

Burgundy tendril earrings, beads individually knotted, 19c red gold mounting,  courtesy artist jeweller Jacqueline Lillie

Anne Schofield of Anne Schofield Antiques at Woollahra in Sydney, specialises in jewellery both past and present, which has achieved a pinnacle of excellence in the art of design.

Currently on show until Saturday 30th May, 2015, Anne Schofield Antiques is pleased to present an exhibition of fine art jewellery by much-acclaimed French born Viennese based designer and artist Jacqueline Lillie (b.1941).

Internationally recognized for innovative, sculptural work; a combination of interesting design, fine craftsmanship and intricate detailing, Jacqueline Lillie has certainly mastered the art of flexibility, form and function in her exquisite hand-made craft.

Using mixed media, including microscopic glass antique beads from such famed glass centres in Europe as Prague and appropriately Bohemia, Jacqueline Lillie works by hand using a magnifying glass and the very fine copper needle she fashions herself to achieve simply amazing results.

Threaded and knotted individually with an artist’s eye, Lillie encrusts very diverse and interesting shapes made of titanium, silver and gold with her tiny beads. Yet other shapes are formed completely with beads threaded on silk and so superbly detailed you can hardly believe they are real.

The magnificent collection glimmered and glittered in the light of Anne Schofield’s very chic gallery on opening night and those present were animated with sheer delight as they encountered the pieces first hand.

Black & White Long Lillie Necklace

Glorious long black and white beaded necklace courtesy artist jeweller Jacqueline Lillie

Jewellery for today’s lifestyle requires a timeless look, one that has become classical while always being contemporary.

It needs to have a great dash of Bohemian chic to appeal to those with a business lifestyle, going from the office during the day to a concert or the opera at night as well as a casual party on weekends.

Refinement of style and miniature craftsmanship is at the heart of Jacqueline Lillie’s amazing achievements, as she innovates the world of contemporary jewellery.

She spends 100 – 200 hours hand-making each piece and so production understandably is limited, as they are each unique.

All Jacqueline Lillie’s pieces are captivating, well suited to the urban world and not so much a reflection of the buyer’s status, but proof positive that their new owner has a discerning eye.

My own favourite was the superb long flat black and white beaded necklace on display in the window, with its cleverly handcrafted black and white Corian clasp. Stunning

Made of glass beads threaded onto silk it showcased the patience, brilliance and quiet industry of its talented designer maker.

Anne Schofield says of Jacqueline Lillie’s intricate jewels they ‘…are so very special, that I believe they will become highly sought after antiques of the future’ said Anne.

Anne Schofield

Anne Schofield in her Gallery on Queen Street at Woollahra in Sydney, wearing Jacqueline Lillie’s superb red tendril earrings

I couldn’t agree more.

Just imagining them and bringing them to reality seems to me an extraordinary process.

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Australian Fashion Film Awards – Winners Inspiring Industry

1st Australian Fashion Film Awards (AFFA) 2015Australian Fashion Film Awards Red Carpet, about which Jo Bayley recently reported, took place on Wednesday 20th May 2015 in the Sky Lobby of Westfield at Sydney.

A finalist in the 2014 Telstra Business Awards, Anastasia Fai, the founder of AFFA, has brought her passion and vision for uniting both fashion and film to fruition.

She received great support from both the fashion and film industries as well as corporate sponsors.

Baz Lurhmann, Chanel and Country Road were all big winners helping to inspire the industry into the future.

Anastasia noted the “… AFFA will be celebrating Aussie talent for many years to come” she said and, ‘…by being offered multifaceted aspects of human interaction within this unique cinematic world, we are invited to redefine what fashion means’.

Judges were Graeme Mason – CEO, Screen Australia, Nicole Warne – Celebrity Fashion Blogger of Gary Pepper Girl, Marion Hume – International Fashion Journalist, Prof Ian Bofinger – Executive Dean, Australian Institute of Music and Emma van Haandel – Founder, EVH PR

Marion Hume who couldn’t be at the ceremony observed “As we all live so much of our lives online, sharing favourite fashion content in the form of attention-grabbing moving image is now our normal. A fashion film celebrates and promotes fashion in an attention-grabbing way.”

Chanel 1Chanel the fashion house came out a big winner with the very seductive short film advertisement for the eternal Chanel No 5, billed as the world’s most desirable fragrance, which it commissioned.

Baz Luhrmann who crafted another film for Chanel starring Nicole Kidman ten years ago, has designed this new commercial as a mini-romance, starring world supermodel Gisele Bündchen and actor Michiel Huisman who wins hearts for his role in Game of Thrones. It is meant to be characterized in reality.

It is all about the 21st-century woman, one who knows when to draw the line on her career because her marriage is in trouble and chooses love above all.

“The One That I Want’ was a three time winner, taking home the Best Director award for Baz Lurhmann, with Catherine Martin winning Best Fashion Styling and Lo-Fang Best Sound Design or Music.

YouTube Preview Image

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