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Backtrack: Stirring up Tragic Memories to Find the Truth

Backtrack-4Tragedy stirs up memories often so terrible we try to suppress them, especially when they are part of a monumental event we don’t particularly want to remember.

The brain can be very selective, but the devil is always in the details as Psychologist Peter Bower played intensely by Academy award winning actor Adrian Brody (The Pianist) finds out.

Brody has a sad expressive face, deeply soulful eyes and a vulnerable demeanour, one that enables him with great finesse to brilliantly portray a man in deep trauma.

There is obviously a terrifying secret in Bower’s past, one affecting everyone around him.

He discovers he has to backtrack into his past life, in order to find the truth of what is happening to him and why.

Rated R, Backtrack is a new Australian mystery thriller written and directed by Michael Petroni, soon to be released worldwide, which has a superb musical score by Dale Cornelius.


When we meet Peter Bower’s his mind is playing games with him, teasing him unmercifully as he attempts to discover why the patients he sees in rooms in the backstreets of a city, where an elevated train above the road, thunders by his window relentlessly, all seem strange to say the very least.

Each one of them seems to have suffered a terrifying trauma and collectively they are to coin a phrase, ‘ a weird mob’ from a world half way between a horror movie and a mystery place, one where time seems to have stood still.

Everything is subjective, open to our interpretation after all; so please don’t read any more if you don’t want spoilers.

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Outlander Series 2, Episode 7 – Never Shy Away From Truth

Outlander 2Modern manners, codes of behaviour, decorum and rules of etiquette matter in every culture and society – they illuminate and respect the human experience. The word culture has evolved its meaning over time to reflect the means by which the nature of the changes in our society over time might be explored. One of the ways it is happening significantly in our age is through the visual and performance arts.

Visually superb STARZ Outlander, a truly outstanding television series inspired by the books of Diana Gabaldon, has been adapted for the screen by a variety of very talented writers. It has won fans world wide not only through the integrity of its scripts but also the outstanding performances by its cast.

Interestingly the stories of the first seven episodes of Outlander Series 2 are taking place at a period in time when France had taken the lead, changing society dramatically to a less rude way of life. Italian born and living in Paris, the Marquise de Rambouillet (1588-1665) established a pattern of well-mannered behaviour in her aristocratic salon that gradually spread to the beau monde, influencing polite society throughout Europe, England and America by the end of the eighteenth century.

Outlander 5

No family is ever exempt from sad or devastating events during its lifetime, and our principal heroes Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) and her handsome Scot Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) to date seem to have suffered far more than most.

STARZ Outlander is giving viewers an opportunity to discover how terrible things can happen when we least expect it, because of our interaction with each other. Often what we say or do sets a chain of events in motion hard to stop and however hard it may seem, the decision makers at Outlander do not shy away from ‘shocking’ their audience, or from revealing the ‘base’ nature of human beings, which can descend into acts of depravity.

Claire OutlanderEpisode 7 of Outlander is one of grace; about healing, about forgiveness and about the unconditional love that eventually helps Claire and Jamie to find a road back to each other through Faith, healing their relationship after suffering great loss.

Many scenes provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of the depth of emotions uncovered when terrible things disrupt, and destroy lives and livelihood.

Please don’t read any more if you don’t want spoilers.

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