The Culture Concept Circle – About

The Culture Concept Circle – About

Horsemen Eltched BESTWelcome to The Culture Concept Circle

Art, Design, Music, Fashion and Style all reflect the very essence of our culture, its attitudes and philosophies, its fashions and passions

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The Culture Concept Circle has many FREE posts for you to choose from in many different categories of interest in both the visual and performance arts as we trace the evolution of our society and its cultural development.

We seek to make accessible complex and profound subject matter so that a wider audience can appreciate it. Clicking ‘red‘ links on any of our posts will help to expand your journey.

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Fashionable concerns, including costume and the historical development of fine wine and cuisine as well as the latest buzz shows and events happening throughout the world of entertainment are a focus, as are topical conversations about people and events happening daily in contemporary society.

The Culture Concept Circle provides a cultural journey filled with beautiful images and fascinating stories many written by our Chief Editor and publisher Carolyn McDowall, working with her colleagues; all dedicated writers

There is a new story or two published on The Culture Concept Circle Home Page most days during the week and daily our stories are shared on Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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Funded by the European Union, the Elaich Project in 2012 approved Carolyn’s Video: What is Classic Architecture, More than a Column as an ‘advanced video’ for Module 2 of their learning platform of study designed to connect young people to their cultural heritage.

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The video contemplates the spiritual, intellectual, philosophical meanings as well as the mathematical and artistic aspects of both public and domestic architecture of the ancient world. It is about understanding our role as humans in the cycle of creation-deterioration-conservation and to appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.

It is about benefiting from the preservation of the built history around us, contributing to the community and the wider world.

Costume is a footnote to culture, and today remains both a changing and eternal form of human expression.

Sydney stylist Jo Bayley based in Sydney is our Fashion Editor. Her weekly column Fashion Elixir appears on Wednesday’s.

Jo believes fashion can be the elixir we all need to take the boredom out of everyday life. And anyone can be fabulous armed with the right tools (shoes, hot dress and iconic handbag!).

Jo also travels overseas annually, visiting many Australian ‘hot’ spots throughout the year and reporting on places to know about, where you would like to eat now whether en casual, or dining in style.

Belinda McDowall

Belinda McDowall is our Deputy Editor. Working behind the scenes with the Editor in Chief on content development and operational matters, she also provides cultural commentary on her national and international travels.

Meldi Arkinstall

Meldi Arkinstall is Special Features music recording reviewer based at Lake Macquarie in NSW.

A classically trained flautist Meldi Arkinstall who performed with the Sydney Symphony, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra in her day, has for more than a decade now been writing and working in the field of journalism and publicity.

She will be reviewing classical, jazz and world music concerts and recordings.

Rose Niland Cropped Rose Niland hails from Sydney and is the NSW Special Features Correspondent.

With a background in teaching, Rose is passionate about all aspects of art and creativity.

From time to time other guest authors will also contribute to our growing resource. Check out our Spotlight Stories

Paul & RossMeet Our Back Room Boys Paul and Ross McDowall. They generously guide the girls, empowering and emboldening them by providing their IT knowledge and experience to help us progress. We appreciate all they do.

At The Culture Concept Circle we are seeking to grow an appreciation for, and to celebrate, beautiful and thought- provoking works. We want to help expand knowledge of all the arts, both visual and performance, as well as our social and cultural heritage.

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