Olympia and Heracles

Lyrical Greek poet Pindar (522–443 BC) tells us the ‘superman’ of Greek mythology Heracles laid out Olympia as an act of homage. It was about celebrating the success of the twelve labours the Gods had set him. He cleared the site associated with the earth Goddess Ge 15k inland from the sea in a fertile valley pleasantly shaded with plane, olive, white poplars and palm trees.  In ancient times it was accessed via the river Alpheios as well as by land. Princes and tyrants from Sicily and Southern Italy arrived in splendid barges. Ambassadors and the rich vied with each other in dress and paraphernalia arriving on horseback or in chariots. The poor arrived on donkeys, in carts or on foot. There wasn’t a town nearby so food sellers, merchants and artisans offered sustenance and souvenirs. All that remains today to evoke the multitudes of people is wind stirred flowers… to be continued

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