2013 Fashion’s New Direction – Baroque & Gothic Revivals

Rocking the Baroque in an 'on trend' frock

It is usually about now that I start to get a feeling of up and coming trends. There is no rhyme or reason to it, just a vibe.

This year my radar is pointing firmly in two major directions, Baroque and Gothic.

Baroque being rich and resonate, Gothic dark and mysterious!

Fashion generally does a huge backflip on itself, and with 2012 being filled with neon, it seems a natural progression to sneak on back to the dark side.

Neon was the knee jerk reaction to the global financial crisis.

We needed a ray of sunshine to guide us through the dark days of financial uncertainty, and designers definitely delivered. We were swept up in a sea of chartreuse, surrounded by hot pink clouds in an electric blue sky, and we embraced it all.

Not since 1984, when Wham told us to “wake them up before we go go” and “choose life”, have we seen such vivid hues.

Having done it all in 1984, I couldn’t personally run fully with the trend.

Yes, back then, I had neon pink lace socks, a bright orange “choose life” oversized T-shirt and a black tube skirt.

This look was pulled together with copious bangles and hair resembling Madonnas (Desperately Seeking Susan period, to be exact).

I am of the school, if you have done it once, be careful the second time round!

A few pieces added to my wardrobe, mainly cosmetics and accessories, were enough to sate my neon needs.

So which way now?

Statement jewellery has been the huge trend in the past year.

I feel this will still continue, but with a more Gothic bent.

Think roses, skulls, thorns and stud embellishment.

Black, brushed metals and heavy gold will steer the way this winter.

We have seen Olivier Rousteing for his second season at the house of Balmain, send heavily embellished pieces, inspired by Faberge eggs down the runway.

Simple silhouettes that let the fabric do all the work.

These pieces are to die for, with a price tag to match.

Think of them as “major investments”.

Hedi Slimane for ” Saint Laurent” wowed audiences with super sexy cigarette pants, sharp as a razor, diaphanous chiffon shirts and a cardigan jacket of sequinned leopard spots.

Beautiful tasselled neckpieces and obi like sashes complimented.

Add to this a wide brimmed hat, and you have all the makings of a Gothic revival.

A huge hit with the fashion police, it looks like his first collection for the house has been a sartorial success.

I can see the looks copied on the High Street, and being snapped up in an instant!

With his dark vision, I couldn’t help but have thoughts of Madonna in her music video for the 1998 hit “Frozen”.

Long black hair, amazing gowns designed by Oliver Theyskens ( in very early days) and Jean Paul Gaultier, and sublime lighting, all make for an ethereal piece.

Baroque and rococo shapes with a softer silhouette.

Tapestry, tartan and leather offset by sumptuous silk, heavenly cashmere and luxurious lace are my predictions for Autumn/Winter 2013.

A few of my personal favourites that I am excited to see on the catwalk.

Definitely a romantic feel. The one designer I am going to keep my eye on, is Dame Vivienne Westwood. these fabrics and shapes tick all her boxes!

It’s exciting times when change is afoot.

So what will you embrace – Gothic gorgeousness, or the beauteous bountiful Baroque revival?

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle







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  • Leslie Radloff says:

    Hello there! Love the sunglasses and swimsuit advice. Actually shopping for one to use in a hot tub next week when we travel up north. I knew you had good fashion sense when were visited, but the website proves it. Hi to Ross and Reggie.

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