20th Man Gala Event Invitation…help kids in need

Belladiva, a bevvy of bountiful beauties from Brisbane with blazingly good voices will raise them in October to both honour, and to assist the Melbourne based 20th Man Fund raise money to afford a front-line youth worker on the streets of Melbourne’s western suburbs to help kids without support, many without a place to live. 

Featuring a jam-packed schedule of unique entertainment from some of Australia’s best performers, a sumptuous meal and dancing ’til midnight the evening promises fantastic value for a great cause!  If you heading up a team of people who are doing well and would like to contribute to helping others then here is an opportunity for you to make your dollar matter at one of Melbourne’s premier social events. If you need a PDF to forward it is attached below. The event is being managed by Baker Smith Management

The 20th man fund advocates on behalf of kids in difficulty. It offers support and hope to hundreds of homeless kids annually in Victoria. It also aims to reconnect them with family, with the community and with society through its educational, sporting and counseling programs.

In the early 1980’s newspaper gurus Les and Ron Coleman decided to run a fundraising event, which provided a Christmas Party for 10 young homeless people at Sunshine in Victoria. From this initiative, the 20th Man Fund was born.

Since then, the 20th Man Fund has been involved in many other fundraising events and programs. The Back To School program has helped 11,000 kids to complete their schooling and 250 to complete a university degree.

The 20th Man Fund has gained momentum over the last 25 years and is now looking towards a very active future. Proactive programs around sport, recreation and drama to prevent kids from falling into the clutches of crime, prostitution and drugs, will be the primary focus.

The Smorgon 20th Man Fund Accommodation Units were built and opened in 1992 with money raised by the Smorgon Company in association with the 20th Man Fund.

The million dollar building now provides refuge for 200 young homeless people annually. The every day management of the building is thanks to the dedicated Melbourne City Mission and continual funding from the Federal Government’s Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP).

In 2010 in a country like Australia, who professes to be a booming global economy,  to know that so many kids are living in poverty on the streets is surely a national disgrace. And this is just in Melbourne. It would certainly be good to see this organization and its expertise and experience spread nationally. Are you able to help?

Attached is a PDF of the 20th Man Invitation

Carolyn McDowall 2010

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