Streetwise – Women Photographers at Photonet

Streetwise 2Streetwise is an exhibition being presented in Melbourne 1 to 22 February, 2015 at the Photonet Gallery in Fairfield, generously donated by owners Susanne and Michael Silver for the show. It is all about celebrating International Women’s Day and the work of American Street Photographer Vivian Maier by women photographers. It’s a fundraiser for UN Women.

UN WomenUN Women is the United Nations organisation dedicated to achieving gender equality. It works for the ‘elimination of discrimination’, the ‘empowerment of women’ and humanitarian action, peace and security. The Australian National Committee for UN Women Australia has an active group headed by Elizabeth Shaw, the first West Australian to become President of its National Board.

Streetwise 1This is the 5th Annual Exhibition of the group and it includes works by Pam Davison, Joyce Evans, Susan Henderson, Marisa Ho, Deborah Horner, Sue Jackson, Margot Sharman, Susanne Silver and Krystal Seigerman.

Joyce EvansAward winning Artist, Photographer Joyce Evans (b.1929 ) is well known in the arena of photography in Australia. She founded the first commercial photographic gallery in Melbourne and has been a gifted and passionate pursuer of excellence in her field during her career.

Joyce Evans Photographer 080715 Riley NGA boat Sculpture park FED SQThrough her generous giving of both her time and talents she has aided many social profit organisations and by lecturing and producing special publications , Joyce Evans has also contributed to the growth and development of our significant arts and multi-cultural heritage, promoting the work of Australian photographic artists.

Over the FenceMargo Sharman is an emerging artist, one who works to present her experience of creativity; a spiritual path with practical feet.“I have been waiting all my life to experience and explore the magic of photography.” I am a teacher of Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation and a student of photography.

MaierBe sure to catch the photographic works of the show honouring Vivian Maier (1926-2009) an eccentric American born street photographer who spent about 40 years photographing the people and architecture of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as others on her travels.  Streetwise at Photonet Gallery, 1 – 22nd February, 2015 – 15A Railway Place, Fairfield VIC 3078 Enquiries: Phone:(03) 9018 3081


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