AA&ADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair – Be Beguiled

AA&ADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair – Be Beguiled

Eight-Light-Cut-Glass-Chandelier-with-metal-mounts-c1815-English,-Mallett-Antiques The Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association (AA&ADA) has a code of ethics for its members and an established standard for dealing and conduct and their AAADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair will take place 9 – 13 September, 2015. Collecting antiques is often misrepresented as being the hobby of only a select few however in our experience it is a pleasure indulged in by a vast number of people from very different backgrounds and walks of life. Many also carefully plan their expenditure so they can enjoy owning significant items and objects.

AlanLandis35Design and the Decorative Arts reflect the very essence of our culture, its attitudes and philosophies its fashions and passions. This means that in the world of antiques, every object has a story to tell, many of which are captivating. Great collections inform us about the extraordinary heritage we have all inherited and help us give birth to ideas by exciting the imagination. Items can be made of the finest quality and sometimes the simplest of materials.

Antique LocketThis year an exclusive exhibition The Mystery of Napoleon’s Gift, the Sparkling Jewellery Collection of Gwyneth Todd, a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte will be unveiled and revealed at the fair as she tells tales of her fascinating family history and  her wonderful collection acquired through inheritance. At 2pm Saturday, 12 September 2015, the lecture is FREE, but bookings are essential and can be made when you purchase an admission ticket for AAADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair

Selection of fine antiques courtesy Martyn Cook Antiques, Redfern Australia

It certainly pays to know what you are buying while completely fake antiques are thankfully relatively few, you will find there are items not quite genuine, direct copies, adaptations; sometimes dubious restorations or ‘marriages’ of commercial convenience that need to be identified. The ability to judge authenticity may seem difficult for the layperson and this is where a knowledge gained through education is important, as well as establishing a working relationship with a qualified dealer.

PictureAll good dealers willingly point out deficiencies, the amount of restoration in a piece or any changes that may affect its value both for purchase or resale. If you establish a good working relationship with a qualified antique dealer who is a member of the professional association like the AA&ADA, you will find an ally with a sound knowledge and understanding of each period in decorative art history. Gala Preview and General Admission AAADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair 9 – 13 September, 2015, Kensington Room, Royal Randwick Racecourse, NSW List of Exhibitors PURCHASE TICKETS

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