All That Glitters – A Little Light In The Darkness Of Winter

Schiaparelli 1

Astrologique 1Recently, it was brought to my attention that I like everything shiny or sparkly.

Astrologique 2At first I wasn’t sure how to take this, as I’m not a five year old with a penchant for Disney princesses or fairy wands, but after a short time thinking about my wardrobe, I had to agree!

J’adore metallics, sequins and beading – I just gravitate towards them. Especially those by Maison Schiaparelli, who historically commissioned the painter and illustrator Christian Bérard in 1938 to design three styles for Schiaparelli’s Astrologique (Astrological) collection.

Three GracesIn his illustration of his ‘three graces’, the central character wears a shocking pink silk cape called Phoebus, which is embroidered with a face in a sunburst on the back, paying homage to Louis XIV, who commissioned the fabulous Place Vendôme, on which Schiaparelli’s main Parisian boutique is sited at no 21.

Balustrade 2This famous motif can also be seen on the balustrades of the windows of the square.

Louis & LadiesInterestingly, a new sumptuous period drama series Versailles is starting on SBS in August and is being raved about for the stunning fabrics with lace, gilding, glitz, glamour and fabulous beading used, but always with the ‘rule of taste’ in mind.

FullSala_Cuadrip_ENGTogether with the Treasures of Versailles coming to the National Gallery of Australia in December this year, it certainly looks like all that glitters, including gold, will be all the rage again.

Maybe I’m a bower bird of fashion, wanting to feather my nest of style with all things shiny and bright.

Schiaparelli 1While not necessarily into bright colours in my own wardrobe, I’m more driven towards blacks, greys and blues, I so love the texture and interest that the aforementioned fabrics add.

I do love colour in interiors and to see it in nature brings such joy, but my sartorial choices are usually on the dark side.

Gucci BootThe reason for my gorgeous friends observation was these amazing electric blue booties from Gucci. I posted a picture of them to Facebook.

Just one look and I was a goner. It was lust at first sight! They are quite simply dreamy.

If a pair of shoes could sweep me off my feet, these babies are the casanova of footwear! I am helpless to their charms.

Such a simple shape, but in patent leather and a stiletto heel, they are everything and more.

Lace BootsCould I see myself dancing the night away in them? I don’t think so.

But I would walk into a room with all the swagger of a rockstar, then sit at the bar had have people come to me just to admire my well shod tootsies! Worship at the altar of the boot!

Ah fashion, it’s all in the fantasy really.

And why shouldn’t we enjoy the escapism? Isn’t that what it’s all about, the theatre and drama.FASHION-FRANCE-CHANEL

Look at the crowned king of couture, Karl Lagerfeld.

Does Lagerfeld design practical frocks for Chanel?

Well, if I really think about it, the silhouettes are usually very classic, but its the beading and embroidery that take his creations to the seventh heaven of attire.

In the divine short video of the fall/winter 2017 Chanel Haute Couture Collection we get an up close and personal insight into what I truly see as an art form.

The attention to detail is second to none, and as each piece goes down the runway it seems to sparkle like a blanket of stars in a clear night sky. Sublime!

Sequins too, are an old favourite. I can be a tad fussy about them.

They can’t be too shiny, I much prefer a matte finish, so as not to look to “high school musical”.

It is a fine line between cool and kitsch.

Warren & Jo BayleyI love the Calvin Klein tuxedo jacket I picked up last year on sale.

It’s more pewter than silver, and with a matte black satin lapel to finish it adds interest to any outfit.

It just goes to show, fashion is not just about colour, it incorporates texture too.

So next time you’re after something unique, why not think outside the colour box and go down the textured road.

Embrace your inner bower bird.

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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