All Tied Up – Scarves, Winter’s Hottest Accessory


Jo Bayley 1I don’t know about you but I love scarves, and just can’t live without them!

I find the humble scarf one of the most practical accessories around.

They are certainly a necessity on any trip interstate to Melbourne, or to Tassie for that matter!

I have a large collection, of all different colours, shapes and sizes, and tend to carry one with me at all times.

Some might think of scarves as being a little old fashioned, something ones grandmother might have worn on a day out to town, with hat and gloves.

But I beg to differ, this piece can lift an outfit in an instant.

There are so many variations and ways to wear one.

Just think outside the box a little.

For the travel wardrobe, it’s an essential.

Goodness knows who you may run into, especially in Paris!

Jo Bayley 2Think about that long plane ride to your final destination.

From Australia to Europe it’s basically twenty four hours of travel. This also entails different time zones and seasons, but before you arrive it’s that long haul flight.


There is no way I would board the plane without a cashmere wrap. Also if you arrive at your destination early morning or late evening, it is light weight and helps take the chill off when a coat is not needed.

The temperature can be freezing on board and those blankets provided never quite cut it for me, so it acts as an extra one.

And I must say much more glamorous one, even in economy!

If it is warm enough, I can fold it to be used as a pillow.

coach-ponytail-scarvesI usually travel with about three or four different scarves as they can help disguise the fact my wardrobe is limited.

As I said, one large cashmere throw is always by my side, the others are always a myriad of colours and sizes.

Medium sized ones in bright colours are fabulous to frame your face and give an instant lift.

Hermes-Scarf-IdeasThey are also perfect when entering churches, temples or mosques where ladies are required to cover their head and shoulders. And if we are going to get really practical, they can be used as a sling or tourniquet should someone need first aid.

I do love the small wisp of fabric known as a ponytail scarf.

These are divine worn around the neck, rather like a choker, wrapped around the wrist, or tied to the handle of your handbag.

coach-ponytail-scarfThey are a fun and frivolous twist to any outfit.

Oh and perfect when you need a hair tie!

I have the one by Coach in silver and black.

mcqueen-pink-scarfTwo of my favourite scarves are Alexander McQueen skull motifs, one in hot pink with white skulls which is rather large and the other is a white with black skulls bandana, both in silk.

I love that they’re a little rock’n’roll.

Try a long black silk number knotted in a classic tie with an open neck shirt in a contrasting colour.

Paired with a tuxedo style suit, this is a very sexy look.

I would hazard a guess that the most coveted scarves around would be by the luxury house of Hermes.

hermes-scarfThese are magnificent and I’d never say no!

Hint hint!!!

I do love vintage scarves also.

hermes_keysThese are often printed in travel themes and give any outfit that gorgeous retro feel.

Quite often you can find fabulous examples at markets and 2nd hand stores.

So next time you are wondering how to change your style, why not think about adding a gorgeous scarf?

Oh so practical and stylish to boot!

jo-bayley-ciao-170Jo Bayley, Fashion Elixir, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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