Anastasia Gkinaki Solo Show at Athens – Eros: Omnipotent God

Anastasia Gkinaki Solo Show at Athens – Eros: Omnipotent God

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Greek painter Anastasia Gkinaki will present her solo exhibition Eros: Omnipotent God April 6 – May 6, 2016, at the Eikastikes Anazitiseis Gallery located in the centre of Athens, which specialises in featuring the works of emerging young contemporary artists.

AnastasiaBorn in 1975 at Athens, Anastasia Gkinaki studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts Greece’s premier Art school, whose main objective is to develop the artistic talents of its students. Gkinaki has been showcasing her work in Group exhibitions since 2003 and Solo exhibitions since 2006. She is in love with the materials of her paintings: their textures, techniques and how much she enjoys co-joining expressionism and symbolism.

Today as a successful young artist she is also an advocate for women and breast cancer prevention.

Anastasia 3 detail Bed of RosesThe subject of her show is Eros, the ancient Greek God who seemingly had unlimited authority or power over love for a long time.

‘In the beginning’, the ancient Greek oral Poet Hesiod said somewhere between 750 and 650 years before the Christ event (BCE), ‘there was Khaos, vast and dark. Then appeared Gaea, the deep-breasted earth, and finally Eros, ‘ the love which softens hearts ‘, whose fructifying influence would thenceforth preside over the formation of beings and things’.

The role of Eros as the god of passion and fertility changed over the centuries until in Roman times he became Cupid, a winged infant unleashing his arrows merrily about.

Anastasia 5Curator of the exhibition art historian Maria Melenti commented: ‘Anastasia Ginaki narrates a magical story with many variations, the universal experience of love in a pictorial world with an invisible erotic fire. ‘This world touches us deeply and enchants us, it invites us to dream like every true love does. It fills us hope and optimism leading us to catharsis, as the by-product of an honest and brave struggle’

Her description is perfectly captured with the painting ‘Under Love’s Heavy Burden Do I Sink’ and Tasos Petsas, a well know Greek composer presents a music theme entitled “Lover of mine” for a video preview of Anastasia’s works. Anastasia Ginaki Solo Show, Eikastikes Anazitseis Gallery, Spefsippou str. 21, Kolonaki, Athens | Greece on show April 6 – May 6, 2016

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