Andreas Scholl Sings Vivaldi – ACO 3-9 October

German born Andreas Scholl will sing poignant works from Vivaldi with the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) from the 3-9 October in Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne. Scholl, who sings in the alto vocal range, will perform a panoply of musical delights, songs by Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) in his concert supported by members of the ACO.

This will include Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater and his sprightly Concerto Grosso RV117, Bach’s The Art of the Fugue; Contrapunctus 1-4 with additional works by Estonian contemporary composer Arvo Pärt (1935- ). It can be difficult to identify what is at the very essence of Baroque music.  The term itself derived from various Hispanic words denoting ‘a mis-shapen pearl’ and so the connotation could mean something inherently beautiful or at the other end of the scale, bizarre or extreme. The uplifting and inspiring Stabat Mater is a devotional prayer, one of the Sorrows of Mary, that allows believers to meditate on the events of her life. Vivaldi was renowned for his sacred works and as he was a Catholic priest, as well as a virtuoso violinist and composer, it’s only understandable.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750 wrote stunning works for small court orchestra, including toccatas, capriccios, fantasias, fugues, variations, suites, sonatas, and miscellaneous shorter pieces for teaching. His Art of the Fugue is a a sophisticated complex work, that blends logic, symmetry, and beauty. Scholl will sing only excerpts; the Contrapunctus 1-4, which has great simplicity and beauty in textures and tones.

The Program VIVALDI Concerto Grosso, RV117, SCHNITTKE String Quartet No.3, PÄRT Es sang von langen Jahren, PÄRT Wallfahrtslie, BACH The Art of Fugue; Contrapunctus 1-4, PÄRT Da Pacem Domine and VIVALDI Stabat Mater.  Andreas Scholl and the ACO Bookings

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