Andy Warhol & Art

Andy Warhol with Belgian Artist Hergé aka Georges Remi (1907–1983) the creator of Tin Tin

Andy Warhol (1928 – 1987) knew that works of art meet many needs, including that of the ‘artist’.  He didn’t want to pay the wages of art or beauty himself but to provide the lifestyle he wanted to enjoy. He concentrated on graphic works because he knew they would exhibit more than normal significance in a world rapidly being dominated by emerging technologies. While he seemingly broke with all conventions with his methods, he was also adhering to views inherent in the goals of Modernist artists of the late nineteenth century like that of the artists of the DeStijl movement. This was an early twentieth century art movement centred in the Netherlands and one of many groups working to achieve “honesty” in their artwork, which was in reflection a very lofty ideal.  Their perception and notion was that the art of the past was dishonest and that much European artwork had been painted to ‘fool’ the viewer’, which is what Warhol in reality delighted in doing.

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