Annual Lethbridge 10000 Art Award 2014, Brisbane

image004The finalists are in for the Annual Lethbridge 10000 Art Award, which will be awarded at Brisbane in late September.

image005The Lethbridge Gallery established the award to present to those demonstrating exceptional detail and creativity, while fostering the next generation of artists. This will be the fifth year of trhe award open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks.

image002Entrants may submit paintings, drawings, photographs and all 2D artworks up to 61cm (24 inches) in any direction. 2014 finalists are Selene Cochrane, Julie Cane, Martin Tighe, Michelle Caitens, Anne-Marie Zanetti and Lisa Christensen.

Michelle CaitensCreating an image that ensures people will ‘look’ and ‘see’ what it is all about has changed greatly throughout history, and is harder than it may seem. Having people react by looking at first is the objective. Then it is all about each individual’ reaction. Images in this show reflect changing times, attitudes, philosophies, curiosity and the concerns of society either with self image or the world around them.

image003The six artists chosen each demonstrated exceptional skill with their paint medium. They are showcasing the talent of emerging Australian artists. An exhibition of their works will take place at the gallery 27 September – 9th October, 2014 – Lethbridge Gallery, Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.


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