Antique & Art Dealers Association Show @ Sydney in Spring

Design and the decorative arts represent the very essence of a culture its attitudes & philosophies fashions & passions

At Sydney the Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association (AA&ADA) Show will be held from 7 – 11 September at Royal Randwick Racecourse. The Code of Practice of the Association is surety that your investment in the past is also an investment in your future. While the AA&ADA Show will be elite it will definitely not be elitist.

Outstanding selection of antiques courtesy Martyn Cook Antiques, Redfern at Sydney

Purchasing antiques in 2011 makes even better sense than ever before. Recycling is the way of the future. Why would anyone want to throw away goods from any era made from quality materials with superb aesthetic design and fine craftsmanship just because they need a little love and care? Being a collector of antiques and art is often misrepresented as a hobby of only a select few. From my experience working in the antiques and design trade, perusing galleries, working at and attending fairs and auctions over a long period of time (some 30+ years) it is exactly the opposite. Collecting antiques and art is a pleasure indulged in by a vast number of people from very different backgrounds and all walks of life.

Modern & Traditional, Indigenous & Antique

These days the many different categories of items available to collectors are rapidly expanding. At this prestigious show some of the most coveted objects in the world will be on offer. This includes an excellent selection of paintings, sculpture, prints, engravings, antique furniture, ceramics, silver, glass, rugs, textiles, jewellery, superb objet d’art, banknotes as well as the best quality available in contemporary art, design and style. Today being able to hang a highly important work of amazing indigenous art together in a contemporary room with a gilded marble topped piece of antique furniture from Europe and a modern sofa is all about beauty, art, form and function meeting style. Two Sydney based international antique, art, design and décor style authorities understand this concept more than most. They are Thomas Hamel and Martyn Cook and both will be exhibiting at the Show this year.

This is a Thomas Hamel Collection fabric on a Louis XV style chair both available at the Residence Showroom

A French Louis XV Japanese Lacquer Commode by BVRB c1745 courtesy Christies

For over three decades at Sydney Martyn Cook Antiques has introduced clients to the very best antiques available on the international market.  They have assisted Adelaide collector David Roche put together one of the great collections of English Regency furniture outside England. It went on display at the S.A. Art Gallery in 2008 in an exhibition entitled Empires and Splendour. A number of works in the collection boast connections to some of the most famous figures in history.

Martyn Cook has an innate understanding and gift that has helped him reveal some amazing treasures over the years, none more exciting than on a French commode that had taken his ‘eye’ for a client. During cleaning at International Conservation Services at Sydney the conservator found a signature that turned out to be that of a man who is the stuff of legends, Bernard Van Risenburgh. BVRB as the trade knows him, was an outstanding cabinetmaker working in Paris from around 1730 – 1767. It would be an understatement to say Martyn Cook‘s clients were very pleased with the discovery.

Martyn Cook Antiques, Thomas Hamel & Associates and Residence Australia are located in the classically inspired Redfern Municipal Electric Light Station built in 1891. It has been recently renovated into a myriad of amazing display spaces and offices so that the old ‘Light Station’ is now the penultimate one-stop-shop in Australia.

Martyn Cook says that at the new showroom at Redfern while fine English antique furniture remains his main focus, he also has quality pieces from Europe, the sub-continent and the colonies for consideration.

Well qualified in America before making Sydney his home base over two decades ago Thomas Hamel carefully crafts and stylishly shapes his interiors to suit their occupants, providing an aesthetically pleasing built environment that allows them to live out their daily lives effortlessly.

Martyn Cook, Thomas Hamel and Chicago based interior designer Lewis Wallack share a passion for classic timeless looks and laid back style. They are the founders of Residence Australia. “Lewis Wallack”, says Martyn, “has worked tirelessly to help make all our ideas come to fruition”. The venture, because of their combined expertise and experience is now in a unique position to provide the very finest of international design resources for Australian interior designers and architects. They are offering fine antiques and art, fabrics, leathers, wall coverings, rugs, bespoke furniture, modern imported furniture and basically anything to make your home or design project a complete success.

Launched internationally last year Thomas Hamel’s Book Residence celebrates 20 years of design in Australia. It has had a second reprint recently in the States. This is a compliment to Thomas Hamel’s internationally admired success. The book highlights Thomas’s timelessly elegant way of providing just the right amount of ‘depth and resonance’ in interiors for his clients. Visitors will be able to secure a signed copy from his stand.

Anne Schofield AM in her Antique Jewellery Gallery on Queen Street, Woollahra at Sydney

If you would like to become a collector, potential purchaser or, a dealer in antiques and art it is important to spend time gaining and expanding knowledge.

An appreciation; the sensitive recognition of good qualities in design and art is only gained through reading, attending shows and auctions, visiting many dealer’s stores, learning the theory and practicing, which intriguingly often turns up items that will challenge accepted theories.

If you are seeking to make a start this show will prove to be a great beginning. The outstanding displays will help you to hone your eye for detail. The exhibitors at the AA&ADA show are an impressive lot as you can deduce, some of whom these days have gathered enormous experience. They also have a passion for their product. That means if you engage them in conversation you will also gain access to a considerable wealth of knowledge to help expand your own. Sharing knowledge and mentoring is the way of the future. Members come from all States of Australia and all have a great deal of expertise in their fields.

Anne Schofield A.M is a renowned dealer of antique jewellery in Australia.

Superb fifteenth century Merchant's ring by Courtesy Anne Schofield Antiques Woollahra, Sydney - Fine Antique and Period Jewellery

Anne Schofield established her specialist gallery on Queen Street at Woollahra in Sydney in 1970. Anne Schofield Antiques is a mecca for discriminating collectors and lovers of fine and beautiful jewellery. Ann has the best examples and finest quality of every period from the eighteenth century to the mid twentieth century, including special collections of Ancient and Neoclassical intaglios and cameos, exotic Indian jewellery and Australian South Sea pearls.

In keeping with her eye for the rare and the wonderful Anne Schofield is entirely delighted to be able to offer at this year’s Show an important and rare gold Merchant’s signet ring from the fifteenth century.

Inside the shank is an inscription IHESVS AVTEM TRANCIENS PER MEDVM ILLORUM IBAT, the shoulders are inscribed “IHESVS.NAZARNVS.REX IVIDEOR (UM) and IHESVS MARIA. The revolving bezel is inscribed on one side with a merchant’s mark and on the other with what may be a monogram of the letters R & S.  She says to note well: the recital of the words Jesus Nazarenus was a protection against sudden death and appears on many brooches, chiefly Scottish of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as well as on several medieval rings now in the British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York.

Superbly conceived, created and cast Wedgwood Jasper Vase, Powerhouse Museum at Sydney

Alan Landis of Alan Landis Antiques established in 1977 also at Sydney specializes in fine ceramics.

He is offering rare and unusual Wedgwood, Royal Worcester, Royal Doulton and Australiana pieces. Especially for the show he has put together a superb collection of eighteenth century Meissen porcelain figurines that are sure to delight the crowd with their superb modelling and charm.

One is by the master modeller Johann Joachim Kändler (1706-1775) a major innovator in porcelain sculpture at Meissen. It was the first European factory to finally crack the code to produce ‘hard paste’ porcelain wares imitating those that had been slowly finding their way to Europe and England from far away Cathay (China) since the publication of the travels of Marco Polo (1254 – 1324). Kandler’s imagination and versatility are renowned and it was his genius after 1731 that drove the factory from Saxony to achieve world wide renown.

Alan Landis has also been a Wedgwood specialist for many years and his wealth of prodigious knowledge and experience is well acknowledged in the trade by his peers.

Josiah Wedgwood was one of England’s eighteenth centuries foremost entrepreneur’s, applying himself “to the important work of uniting art with industry”. Wedgwood produced ornamental wares, including big and important vases like the superb blue and white Jasper urn with fine sculptural reliefs, which is standing on an equally superb Jasper pedestal and on display at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum.

Wedgwood established a trendsetting fashionable reputation throughout England, Europe and America during his lifetime. He correctly gauged and courted public taste for the Neoclassical style that was being developed and promoted in architecture and interior design by London based Scottish architect Robert Adam during the last forty years of the eighteenth century.

The unique Mossgreen Gallery from Melbourne  will represent the three phases of its operation; auctions, gallery and collections.

Founder Paul Sumner has had twenty five years experience working in international and Australian auction houses. Previously Managing Director of Sotheby’s innovative auction house in Hammersmith at London and before that Managing Director of Sotheby’s Australia, Paul is renowned for his vision and very discerning eye.

Coming auctions at Mossgreen include a private Toorak collection of international art and antiques (19th September) and the sale of contents from the Georgian style influenced Dysart House at Kempton, Tasmania under instruction from Australian restaurant critic, advertising professional and arts festival director Leo Schofield (23rd October).

The AA&ADA is the leading industry body representing antique and art dealers in Australia today. It is consulted by government agencies and collectors societies on all matters relating to Antiques and Art. It supports their members and their clients by keeping them at the forefront of the trade in Australia.


When: 7 – 11 September 2011
Where: The Pavilion, AJC Royal Randwick Racecourse, Alison Road, Randwick, Sydney, NSW – Australia
Prices: Opening Night $30 Daytime $20 and $15 concession
Enquiries: Association Secretary Keren Lewis +61 (0) 3 9576 2275

Harlequine, Columbine and their child by Johann Joachim Kandler 1745


List of Exhibitors

Abbott’s Antiques
Alan Landis Antiques
Allpress Antiques
Anne Schofield Antiques
Applebys Fine Art & Antiques
D.G. Barsby Antiques
Eaglemont Antiques
Elizabeth Kwan
Faulconbridge Antiques
Greengrass Antiques
Harrington Antiques
Humble House Australia
Isherwood Antiques & Interiors
Janet Niven
John Pettit Rare Banknotes
Judith Rutherford Antique Chinese Textiles
Karen Deakin Antiques
Kevin Murray Fine Silver
L. J. Cook & Company
Lee Hardcastle Antiques
Leven Antiques
Mark Koronowicz Antiques
Martin Gallon International Art
Martyn Cook Antiques
Michael A. Greene Antiques
Moorabool Antique Galleries
Mossgreen Collection
Online Antiques
Pentimento Pty Ltd
Reflections Antiques
Residence Australia
Sebra Prints
Simpsons Antiques
Studio Eclectica
Tooronga Hall Antiques
Valentine’s Antique Gallery

All the fine fillies and frisky colts will be out in their finery to walk the ‘antique carpet’ at the opening Wednesday evening. If you want to make sure you are among them please click our link and contact the Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association.

Carolyn McDowall, September 2011 The Culture Concept Circle