Antiques & Art

Chair: Charles Rennie MacIntosh 1907 courtesy V & A Museum at London

An antique is something made in an earlier period and collected and valued because it is rare, old, aesthetically pleasing of high quality or interest. A more generally accepted understanding is furniture and objects over 100 years of age. But this is not strictly true. Today many Associations for antique dealers now recognize works of art, design and objects from the so-called Art Deco period between the two world wars.  In the twentieth century Pop Artist Andy Warhol turned people’s expectations about what art is upside down. He presented objects or graphic images as works of “fine art” in a way no one had thought of before. Art in any medium reflects the contemporary concerns of a society and culture. A lot of people would believe food and wine is now an ‘art’ form. It is all about what is either beautiful and appealing or, of more than ordinary significance.

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