Antiques, Art & Collectible Conundrum – What’s it Worth?

The use of antiques with their delightful idiosyncrasies is very appealing. When all their attributes are combined with the ‘thrill of the chase’ antiques are really quite irresistible. The variety of choice available in lovely decorative pieces, such as this stunning satinwood double pedestal writing desk soon to be auctioned at Mossgreen is hard to resist. It has colour, warmth and mellowness of aged wood, the gentle softness of old gilding, the variety in exotic inlays and now extinct materials.

What it is worth today, is a conundrum today for all antique and collectible hunters. It’s the same for everything really. The truth is simple; it’s just how much someone is prepared to pay for the item you have to dispose of at that time and place. Luck comes into it as well, as you endeavour to choose the right market place. Six months later it may gain twice, or half the price. Often you cannot choose because external circumstances dictate you have to sell it at that time.

Picking the right marketplace often means studying trends, fashions and foibles for years. If you have time do your homework go and look at dealers prices and sit in on auctions. But is its worth how much it sells at auction for? Or is it how much it costs in a gallery? The dealer and the auctioneer are there to make a profit however, renowned dealers will pay a fair price and auctioneers will advise you about what you can expect in return, especially in Australia if they belong to the AA&ADA. The estimate on this delightful view of two ladies gathering poppies in a field is estimated to return 40 – 60,000 at a Mossgreen auction on March 4, 2014. So follow it and find out how much it goes for.  Follow our Link

You can sell privately, whether on ebay or through friends of friends. You run the risk of losing out there if the right buyer is not online at the time. There are always sad stories. As a dealer I made an offer on a pair of embroidered linen curtains off a young woman for what I believed a fair price. She went away. Two months later they turned up at auction where a textile enthusiast friend was bidding. He knew their story and phoned. Bidding on my behalf and with my original figure in mind he bought them at half the price.

A  well regarded auction house is the place people return to over and over, especially if they have something special. It allows market forces to take over. In Melbourne Mossgreen Auctions is going from strength to strength. On the first Wednesday each month from 2-5 pm you can take your treasured items along and gain a free market valuation. As they have their finger on the pulse of the market it could be in your favour.

While you are there you can check out the decorative and fine arts on display in their gallery and take in breakfast or lunch in their delightful tearooms. They have also formed a new art department with Jon Dwyer as their leading authority on Australian Art. Mossgreen, 926-930 High Street, Armidale, Victoria (03) 9508 8888 Download their next Catalogue.

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