Antiques Seminar Program – AA&ADA Spring Series 2015

Gilded Mirror detailLearning about Antiques is all about improving your visual literacy if you want to have an enhanced ability to look at, analyse and compare objects and be better equipped to evaluate the quality of design, materials and craftsmanship.  If you have an interest in antiques and want a place to start the members of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association hold seminars each Spring at Sydney in their shops.

unnamed-2There is something for everyone… 8th October Louis Kissajukian will discuss Antique Maps, 15th October Andrew Crawford looks at The Art of Not Being Fooled by a Fake while Alan Landis on 22nd October, looks at 20th century designers from the Wedgwood factory, that successfully collaborated from its founding by Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) to fire up and fuel the invention, evolution and establishment of the modern age.

unnamed-6Sydney’s jewellery dealers Anne Schofield on the 29th October, will examine jewellery inspired by ancient and tribal traditions and participants will also be included in a viewing of her current exhibition, while Victoria Greene will unravel the mystery of antique and modern pearls on 12th November.

unnamedMirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all… leads into Ben Stoner examining  gilding, glass and frames, while Christopher Becker will look at Scandinavian silver 1945-1980) and for furniture and special object fanciers, the finale with Martyn Cook offering his insights into Regency, Empire and Splendour at Rushcutter’s Bay where as at all the dealer’s establishments, you can handle and examine objects under discussion.


It is all about period and style development in architecture, interiors, art and antiques (furniture, ceramics and silver) from antiquity until today and how cross cultural influences and intellectual and philosophical ideas impacted on that evolution. Places are limited for AA&ADA Spring Workshops and Seminars 2015 so be sure to secure your place on this year’s program starts 8 October – 26 November, BOOK NOW




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