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If I were asked…what is at once the most important product of Art, and the thing most to be longed for I should answer a beautiful House said William Morris spiritual leader of the arts and crafts revival of the twentieth century in England. He set out to prove the high standards of the past could be repeated – even surpassed – in the present. His utopian idea of socialism and affinity for natural handcrafted detail were doggedly pursued.  Architect Phillip Webb built the ‘Red’ house in 1858 for him and at the time it was shockingly simple. Morris was well pleased as he wanted it to reflect the simple needs of a middle class citizen and craftsman. This was a kind of moral architecture, relying not on the ornate splendor but on a perceived simplicity of early English dwellings. It was…more a poem than a house…an admirable place to live in to’.

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