Artist Marcel Desbiens – Creating Natural Connections

It was Dutch painter and draftsman, Rembrandt Van Rijin (1606 – 1669) who said “Choose only one master – Nature”

Brisbane based artist Marcel Desbiens is a surely one of the greatest students of nature contemporarily here in Australia. His powerful works are all about the astute observation of his natural habitat. Recording the minutest details of a petal, stamen or leaf of a flower is one of his greatest joys. His paintings of flowers and objects of nature, achieve such an extraordinary illusion of reality that it’s hard not to want to reach out and touch them, they are so completely compelling and entirely breathtaking. Standing before them make emotions run deep and also ensures that base feelings are laid raw. They vibrate with life, shimmer in the light of day and in the silence of the setting sun. They tear the heart out of your body and put it back again, but ever so gently, so that it fills your breast so completely it is at peace, and as one with both nature and life.

‘Nature in all its glory is surely worth knowing’ said French Mathematician, Physicist and Philosopher of Science Henri Poincare (1854-1912), ‘for if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living’.

Marcel Desbiens knows nature. He flirts with it daily. He teases it, seduces it and then strips it bare. He builds on it, producing layer after layer of perfection, nature being the only place where true perfection is found. He breathes life into its essence, creating natural connections that are inspiring, informing and emboldening.

Born in Québec, Canada Marcel Desbiens has been living in Brisbane since 1990. His list of awards and exhibitions is as impressive as his amazing art works. Marcel Desbiens 2011 Art Exhibition will exploit the four natural elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

It commences Saturday, November 12th in the Lethbridge Gallery at Brisbane, a very impressive place. Its founder and multi-award winning internationally renowned artist Brett Lethbridge has gathered around him there on Latrobe Terrace at Paddington, a group of very fine artists, all of whom seem intent on reworking and re-inventing the landscape of contemporary Australian art.

Brett’s works are sublime, yet in another way to Marcel’s although in my mind, complimentary because they share a common philosophy and work ethic. It is the perfect place for Marcel Desbiens to be.

If you access its very impressive list of talent you are sure to find the art that you admire and would like to embrace, perhaps even collect.

The exhibition space is divine, but not huge, so do give them a call if you want to attend Marcel Desbien’s artist talk on Saturday 12th at 1pm and his oil painting demonstration at 2pm, which has a fee. Thanks Marcel for allowing me to publish the images, they are completely amazing.

Marcel Desbiens Exhibition 2011

When: 12th – 27th November
Where: Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington at Brisbane
Enquiries: (07) 3369 4790

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2011

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