At Home Activities

In January 1809 Anglo German bookseller Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834) produced the first issue of his influential monthly periodical ‘The Repository of the Arts’. It was aimed at, and catered to a populace eager to keep up with trends and information about styles of interior décor, especially those based on what a wider society perceived as preferred by the landed gentry and aristocracy. It included a great range of ‘at home’ activities that could be completed without depending on the vagaries of the weather. Queen Charlotte and her daughters became fine role models for other women and were heavily involved in arts and crafts. Frogmore Villa designed by James Wyatt was the neoclassical villa everyone longed to own. A retreat for Queen Charlotte from George 111’s foul tempers and madness; here she could escape court life and decorate its interiors with her daughters as she liked, in the latest oriental taste.

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