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The route to the top of the pops in the modern age is a game-changing experience, one for young musicians seeking to make a name for themselves on a global scale.

They can hop on board the bandwagon, not by playing lots of gigs day in and day out while waiting to be discovered by a manager, who just maybe will be able to help pave your way to the top, but also by working smartly and building their own reputation through social media.

One such ‘secret voice’ is young American pop singer-songwriter Austin Mahone, a young man of 18, who on facebook has to date at writing this article, garnered over 10 ½ million likes and over a million people talking about him right now! He has taken the ‘modern route’ to establish his career, revealing his wisdom as he appeals directly to the fans who are, and will become supporters of his musical style.

This hasn’t taken a minute to do, but four years of dedication and self critical observation until gradually fans and followers came on board and have helped him by sharing his song choices with their friends and by twittering him constantly, helping to grow his reputation the best way possible from the ground up.

Born in Texas and raised by a single mother who must be feeling very proud right now, Austin Mahone’s has been in many ways a hard road to hoe, as he grows a philosophy for performance, working out just where his own niche will lie.

Seems that he has done that by using his intelligence and considerable ability to charm and captivate along the way, while laying a solid foundation as a platform for future performance. His big break came when he became the support act for Taylor Swift on Tour in 2013.

The Secret about this young man is about to come out in Australia too now, as Richard (Dickie) Wilkins shows an interview with him on Channel 9’s Today Show on Thursday morning June 5, 2014.

Must admit I wake up with the Today Show Australia everyday… love Lisa, Ben, Dickie, Roscoe and the Money Minute and will totally miss Georgie, who is leaving, and the great interaction she and Ben have shared.

But, back to Austin Mahone and his ‘great voice’.

It’s no longer The Secret it was, also the clever title of his latest digital download on iTunes…or you can buy a CD if you have to add to your collection. It’s the #1 Album in the USA. Must admit I was rocking at my desk all morning while writing this! Love ‘What About Love’, Shadow and All I Ever Need… he writes topically about what he knows and has experienced, judging by the words.

His songs certainly showcase his superb articulation and are great catchy tunes. If you watch his videos on You Tube with his good looks it’s no wonder the teenage girls (and probably their mothers too) are swooning and screaming!

Austin Mahone has a wonderful voice – but will he last? Will he survive the foibles of fashion and be able to forge a permanent place for himself on the world music scene?

Well only time will tell, as there are so many things that can happen along the way. But as so many pop stars that have been around for years are fading, his timing is certainly right.

Best for now perhaps that he just lives in the moment, trying to keep his cool and his head screwed on while being chased unmercifully by the press and fans while trying to live on some side of sanity during his own secret moments.

I love great music, and it doesn’t have to be in a preferred early classical style, for me to recognise a good sound and a great voice when I hear it.

The Voice Australia, a show currently on Channel 9, showcases good voices. What it has revealed is that there a great many ‘secret voices’ out there just waiting to be discovered and some of them are a knockout.

However, what it has also shown is that not all of the people who have great voices necessarily have the temperament or the other skills required to stand up in front of an audience and perform in a live context and sustain their passion year in year out.

Musical performance needs to be integral to your DNA if you are to succeed on a global scale. It is not only just a fashionable concern, but also a passion you must feel deeply, one that you will want to sustain and nurture yourself because you will live your whole life through its experience.

It’s downright nerve wracking, confidence sapping for some, and almost impossible for many others.

So a great many great ‘secret voices’ remain in the wings or watch from downstage, while others build their professionalism and courage by making haste slowly, as Austin Mahone it seems has done , at least by today’s standards.

Four years is a long time when you are a teenager…

…and, he’s still only 18.

Wow, wonder where he will be when he’s approaching his dotage like me!

In the meantime, the joy for my generation is championing young performers who acquit themselves well and with style; the preview of his interview with Dickie on Today Australia to be broadcast on June 5th showed him in a very good light, so I am looking forward to watching the whole interview in the morning.

He is smart, with an ability to say it how it is and know how he wants it to be as well as humble enough to know he won’t make it without his social media fans behind him 100% – that’s Austin Mahone.

Go and sing well…Till I find you …. Again!

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

Photo Credit: May 26, 2014:  Austin Mahone at the ‘The Today Show’ concert in New York City – Dara Kushner/

Austin Mahone

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