Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Circa & Claire Laffiliatre

ABO 5Heaven and earth is held in a unique tension by beauty, much of that being, in my experience, provided by music. While scientists and musicologists debate, discuss and delve into the effects and cause of music as the ‘social glue’ that brings us together, those of us who love it just get on enjoying it, dancing to it and being inspired by it. It’s a cultural imperative for many.

Claire_Lefilliatre3_webIn that spirit the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra is coming together with the much admired award winning Circa based in Brisbane to produce a unique collaboration and event in Baroque music history in Australia; a musical celebration designed to move ‘the heart, mind and soul’.

French soprano Claire Lefilliâtre, whose voice is described as ‘an electrifying circus act of its own’ will bring ‘heaven and earth together’, rendering intimate works by King Louis XIV’s favourite composer and music maker Jean Baptiste-Lully (1632-1687), which are perfectly suited to the sophistication inherent in masterpieces of French Baroque music.

ABO Circa 2In a day and age when visual imagery is an important aspect of a state of knowing, the presentation of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra concert French Baroque will straddle the worlds of commerce, visual art and musical art; conveying a truth that all our perceptions are formed by the context in which we encounter the art forms of our society.

ABO Circa 1During the period of Baroque musical style in Europe (1600 – 1750) pastoral poetry reflected in its music was refreshed by medieval theatrics revived in the form of the masque where the spectator became integral to the performance. It is in that tradition ‘an immersive, operatic scale performance exploring the eternal tensions between heaven and earth, the sacred and profane, night and day’ will be presented.

ABO Circa 3Baroque music was renowned for its towering structure and dynamic pictorial style, which reflected a world of changing artistic ideals.

It happened at a time when a growing urge to explore monumental forms through virtuosity and ornament and a new musical language emerged, one that reached a pinnacle of perfection with polished, powerful and yet graceful forms.

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