Australian Reading Hour – Love2Read – Spring is Time 2 Start

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Reading Aloud BannerOne Hour on One Day Australians everywhere are invited to stop what they are doing and take time out to read.

The Australian Reading Hour takes place each spring, a time for rebirth, refreshment and renewal. This year it is scheduled for Thursday September 14, 2017.

Whether you are a primary school student, a teenager, young adult or much more mature adult you may want to read a book just for yourself. And that’s ok!

Man with notebook in cafe drinking coffee, holding his sonHowever, you could also stop what you are doing and give an extra hour reading aloud to your baby, toddler or preschool child from a book, a tablet or computer. 

By reading aloud adults help children to expand their horizons, while demonstrating that their individual worth is valued.

Reading aloud is a simple and very effective means of assisting the literacy, learning and listening skills of children everywhere. It is intellectually stimulating and helps to inspire imagination, while also being emotionally involving for the participant whether giving or receiving.


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Telling the story and engaging with the child is at the heart of a successful outcome. Be sure to make it a joyous experience. If you do you provide those involved with opportunities for communicating in a happy environment.

Heart shape paper book on the beachFor any child, life is a creative adventure and their ability to dream and to imagine is to be encouraged. 

If you would like to do something extra special, apart from this one day, perhaps you would consider reading aloud to child in Foster Care on a regular basis,

Contact The Pyjama Foundation to find out how you can help either by volunteering to read aloud or help them to expand their presence around Australia.

Reading BestCurrently based in Brisbane with many regional centres in that state, they are now in Sydney and Melbourne too. The program and its development initially was inspired by award winning author and literacy expert Mem Fox’s Reading Magic.

Children need to be regularly talked to, read to and sung to, they cannot learn to communicate well unless we do.

Words are how the world works

Click here to read the list of Pyjama Foundation co-ordinators.

Teacher-Reading-BookOne of the best places to read aloud is at your local library. Today libraries are very ‘cool’ places to be, especially for the current generation of mothers with children under ten. Adults everywhere understand are all potentially viable childhood learning agents.

Baby-Reading-in-StyleFrom early childhood to older readers, as well as picture books for tiny tots and toddlers, do start when your baby is first learning to smile because reading aloud from that moment on has been proven to help you to raise a happy, confident child.

Libraries have a wide selection of books for you to choose from, a happy atmosphere to be part of, and for people who live in houses and apartments with little room to accommodate libraries of books, this is more than appealing.

Reading Aloud 1At the local library there are regular story times and rhyme sessions with an experienced librarian on hand who will help you choose a book that will appeal to your child’s age, interest and range of abilities.

Mother & Son ReadingWatch the child’s face, it will light up with joy and you can be assured, that your action in reading will not only help the child into the future but also your relationship.

Cute babies boy and girl in a chair readingJust looking at pictures and talking about them helps a small child and its vocabulary, big brothers can easily help.

Reading 6Reading whatever our age involves a continuum of learning, enabling all individuals to achieve their goals, to continue to develop their knowledge and expand their potential by providing skills needed to participate fully within a wider society.

So if you Love2Read or want to encourage someone else, do join in for the Australian Reading Hour. Mark it on your calendar now and plan ahead.

Make a Date with a Book – you will be sure to enjoy the experience.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017

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