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An email received on Friday afternoon asked the question –  Is your family safe this weekend?  Statistics it revealed stated that in the last 12 months over 100 women, children and men died because of domestic and family violence in Australia and 38 of these deaths were in Queensland. The message came from Brisbane based Australia’s CEO Challenge, who wants us all to ACT as 1 to champion societal change. Domestic and family violence is a tough issue and we should all appreciate the fine work this group is doing to bring this thorny issue out from behind the closed doors of people’s homes. It is a recognized social profit company, which works with corporate Australia, and the violence prevention sector, to create and sustain a world free from family violence – where homes and workplaces are places of safety and care.

At Brisbane, innovative business leaders and their colleagues and supporters, who gather under the Australia’s CEO Challenge banner on Wednesday May 2nd 2012 will lead the inaugural Twilight Walk & Candle-Lighting Ceremony between 4pm and 6pm in support of, and to highlight the plight of those experiencing domestic violence. Walking with them will be The Honourable Tracy Davis MP, State Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. If you would join in and walk with them you are asked to wear black and carry a red rose as a sign of respect and remembrance. With 275 million children worldwide experiencing violence in their homes it is imperative that we Act as 1 with the message that violence is not tolerated – at home OR at work.

Cycles of violence in a family are a terrible thing, a challenge that society needs to tackle as a matter of urgency. For the last decade Australia’s CEO Challenge have been creating award-winning, innovative partnerships between businesses and violence prevention services to give stability to women and children fleeing violent homes, and to provide programs for people who use violent and abusive behaviours. Surely we all want a world free of violence against women and children, where families feel, and are safe. We can only achieve this by engaging with the business sector to champion change and break the silence surrounding domestic violence in workplaces and communities.

For almost 20 years, candle-lighting vigils have been held throughout Australia in remembrance of those who have died. This year Domestic and Family Violence Helplines and Services (Government and Non Government) in all States will be holding their respective vigils on the same evening. Sadly my Google research for other state information only revealed the Brisbane details, which shows just how committed their people are and how focused they are on making sure this walk kick starts an annual movement that will grow. They deserve all the support possible. One case of domestic violence is one too many, because in the midst of our family is the one place where we should all feel safe and loved. For those that don’t it can feel like a living hell on earth.

This is a walk of solidarity from those seeking to highlight just how rampant a culture of violence in the home in Australia has become.  There can no longer be a place in our society or culture for people who sweep this type of behaviour under the rug, or hide it from others. There can no longer be a place in Australia where someone, who can have a child under ten subjected to ‘shock’ therapy so it will forget abuse, can thrive. There can no longer be a place in Australia for someone who stands by and watches, but does not report perpetrators to authorities. Bullies and those who commit acts of violence cannot be tolerated in any society, creed or culture.

Join the Twilight Walk & Candle-Lighting Ceremony at Brisbane, which marks the beginning of Domestic Violence month in Australia.

Details follow

Champion Change


You are asked to wear black and carry a red rose as a sign of respect and remembrance.

Meeting Point: Edward Street end of the City Botanic Gardens. Walkers will make their way through the Botanic Gardens, across the Goodwill Bridge, along the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, up the first set of stairs, and along River Terrace to arrive at the Kangaroo Point Parklands (adjacent to the Cliffs Cafe).
The distance is 3kms and estimated to take between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Register to Walk: Email: [email protected]

Timing : 4pm – meet at Edward Street entrance of City Botanic Gardens, 5pm – arrive at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, 5:30pm – Candle-lighting Ceremony 6:30pm – End

What to bring : – water bottle + gold coins – gold coin donations collected on the day will be donated to help women and children who have fled violence at home.

What to wear:- Black as a sign of respect – comfortable shoes and red roses will be available to buy on the day

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