Beaming by Lindsay Tuffin – Lurking with Intent in Tasmania

Beaming is by Lindsay Tuffin, a renowned editor who can be found lurking with intent gloriously at the bottom of the world in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state where he masterminds the ‘Tasmanian Times’….an Online forum of discussion and dissent – a cheeky, irreverent challenge to the mass media’s obsession with popularity, superficiality and celebrity.

Here he talks about the latest show on at MONA, Tasmania’s controversial Museum of Old and New Art, one of the island state’s big attractions.

19.06.13 9:00 am

I have been to the top of the great beam of light …

Now I appear to be falling.

Soon I will land with an enormous thump.

Such is the effect of MONA mania.

It is a unique catatonia … a strange stupor induced by extravagant assaults on the senses.

You’d be mad to miss it.

Seriously, you would … because it sends you slightly mad; and who does not wish to be sometimes a little mad?

A certain amount of madness is necessary – in my view – for creativity.

Not necessarily the ear-lopping incisiveness of Vincent.

A little less dramatic.

Well, dramatic is the wrong word.

Because, one element of MONA The Red Queen is dramatic.

But guys, I have to say, it did not shock me.

This, the latest of MONA’s monumentals is a tad more conservative; enormously creative, and enormously vast (bring a packed lunch)

… belief systems analysed, questioned, pondered, but that great breakthrough wondrous moment of revelation, of challenge (god how much i love to be challenged, confronted, discombobulated; how much I missed Sydney and the wondrous wall of vaginas; long gone), I guess, not quite …

Here we have beauty and wonder and creativity.

But I’m a shocking old man … who loves to be shocked (I actually went in search of the chocolate bomber and with enormous relief, discovered him still to be there, though not the deracinated chaps of yore (Mona according to curators Olivier Darenne, Nicole Durling and Elizabeth … has matured a tad).

The Red Queen appeals enormously … but does it meet the Patron Walsh’s dictum:  … that he built the museum ‘as an attempt to understand why people make art’.

Really David, you don’t have to look far. Simply inward: Well that was preaching to the converted …

Every child intuitively creates art … and I’ve often wondered how diminishing to the soul (that complex inexplicable interaction of the subtle hints of parallel universes) is the mechanistic suppression of the technological brain.

And how we have little journeyed from the animal brain so well described by Dr Clive Marks ( Democratic hemlock: saving earth from our animal selves, TT here .

You wonder, well I do, how much our brain … this marvel of survival in its journey from the animalic world into self-awareness … has buggered us so completely that in our greed we destroy our fragile world ( TT: Doing the Climate Maths with Bill McKibben ).

This is why we must be so grateful to David Walsh … Why were there thousands last night at the opening party? Simply for the grog (not cheap!) and the good food … No! Walsh has reintroduced us to childhood; to ponder and wonder and be amazed … and perhaps to draw us back to what once we were …

Anyway… it is MONA … you would be the greatest fool to miss these wondrous gifts; this light and Dark MOFO

George Soros, the financier who moves markets as god moves mountains, once said that creativity is to be found at the edge of chaos.

Couldn’t agree more.

This you will find in spades at the punter-financed frenzy of MONA

Wherever you look, it is being dealt. And I haven’t begun to talk properly about Dark MOFO … be ready for the beam in your eye ….

FUCK! This is in Hobart … I can’t believe it! x

Gotta love Tuffin…

DARK MOFO June 13 – 23

Museum of Old and New Art

655 Main Road Berriedale
Hobart Tasmania 7011 Australia

Opening Hours
Wed-Mon 10am-5pm

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