Beautiful Bouquets – How To Get The Most From Your Flowers

Last week, as part of our June bride focus this month, we explored the world of gorgeous gowns and fabulous frocks.

This week I offer some very handy tips on flowers for your special day.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the divine Ms Susan Avery, of Susan Avery Flowers and Events, an expert on all things botanical. With 30 years experience, Susan is innovative and unrivaled for both quality and style.

So who better to offer advice on wedding flowers.

I posed, what I felt were the most important questions to get the most from your arrangements.

With the top five wedding flowers being Roses, Orchids, Peonies, Ranunculus and Stephanotis, as a novice I needed to know where to start.

So the first questions I would suggest any bride ask her florist are;

I have little, or no knowledge of flowers, where would you suggest I start?

Susan says “Very few non-florists have extensive knowledge about flowers.

That is why it is important seek the help of professional florists.

The first step I take is finding out details about the wedding gown (photos really help) and the bridesmaids gowns and men’s suits.

This along with the style of the venues has started a look or theme already.

I put a lot of time and effort into getting to know my clients.

I can then suggest designs that will express their personalities and dreams they have for how they would like to express themselves on their special day.

Every couple is different and every wedding design should be different.

I think my Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Psychology and Biology, has really come in handy!

My special talent is in being a really good listener. I feel I am half mind-reader and half wedding designer.”

What do I have to take into account with flowers, is the season that the wedding is being held important?

Weather needs to be taken into account. Susan suggests to think about the timing of the days events and the amount of traveling involved.

This will determine how hardy the blooms need to be.

For example I would not recommend tulips for wedding bouquets in the heat of summer unless the ceremony and reception are in the same venue and the bouquets are transported in water.

They could however be used in the table arrangements as this is a much more controlled environment temperature-wise.

What are your recommendations in regards to seasonal buds?

Susan’s top tip is to use seasonal flowers as it personalizes your wedding.

The flowers that are in season on your wedding day are different than the flowers available on someone else’s wedding day…in this way your wedding flowers can be unique.

As an example, Lily of the Valley has a short season in Australia, usually only 3 weeks.

By incorporating this special flower you will have a look that 99% of other wedding cannot achieve.

Does the bouquet have to balance out the dress? Can a sleek, sophisticated gown handle a big bouquet?

Susan says ” When I look at my bride, I want to see a unified picture, no one feature should dominate or steal the show.” The bouquet is viewed against the skirt of the gown and it’s size will be relative to that i.e. a full skirt will make a small bouquet look even smaller, a fitted skirt will make a small bouquet look larger.

It is always important to take the shape of the wedding gown into account when choosing a bouquet.

Having said this, I always think that the most important consideration is the personality of the bride and the look, theme or style she is wanting to achieve.

The look should be finely balanced…it should all be about bringing our the very best in her features.

The flowers are there to complement the look not to steal the attention away.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Susan, she is a true professional and a delight to deal with.

As Susan says 30 years… 4000 weddings…300,000 arrangements

How much more experience do you want?

So armed with these helpful hints, any bride should be well on her way to a blooming success!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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