Body Shapes Part Four – Clothing Petite Shape Pocket Rockets

In the past two weeks we have cover apples and pears, columns and hourglasses, but what about those in the petite posse?

We can’t leave you lovely ladies out of the fun!

The goal for a pocket rocket petite gal is to keep the eye moving and create flow.

You definitely don’t want to break up the body of a petite figure, or swamp it with heavy fabrics and silhouettes.

Petites can fall into our other four categories, but the ultimate goal is to add height, create curves and lengthen the look.

Generally these types are under 5 foot 4 inches, have broad shoulders and short legs.

Petites can be naturally toned, think the divine Kylie Minogue!

She is a fabulous example of a perfect petite!

One colour top to toe is great, this engineers an unbroken line, thus an illusion of height.

Play with texture, but keep it all one colour.

The perfect shoe for a petite is a nude pump when wearing bare legs or when in coloured tights or pants, match your shoe.

This creates the unbroken line again.

Cropped jackets and tops give a sense of proportion and detailing under the bust works well too.

If you do want to experiment with a layered look, keep the fabric sheer so as not to add bulk.

Pair this look with a skinny leg jean to balance the shape.

Eva Longoria looks amazing in her shorts suit, perfect for petites.

One colour, deep V and shorts adding length to the leg.

Be very particular about hemlines ladies, this is crucial for the those of us on the shorter side.

Nothing says frumpy and dumpy more than a hemline that hits at the wrong part of your body.

If you want to wear a full length dress or skirt try one with a sexy split to draw the eye upward, this will lengthen the leg.

Ultimately the best length is mini or cocktail.

Make sure it hits just above or below the knee, at the slimmest part of the leg.

Keep hems of pants a little shorter as this adds length too. a slim pant that tapers at the ankle is an excellent choice.

Vertical patterns add length, these draw the eye up and down.

If you want to do a print, keep it on the smaller scale otherwise you risk spoiling your sweet shape.

Delicate jewellery is lovely to finish of a glamorous vibe, as does a handbag on the smaller, compact size.

We want to avoid a petite looking like she has been playing dress ups.

If you do want to wear bigger jewellery, say large hoop earrings, keep them made of fine wire.

Same for a stack of bangles, keep them thin.

If you are petite, hair that is too long will just shorten your look, aim for shoulder length or shorter.

Good posture is a must for petites.

As one stands taller, one looks taller and more confident!

Much like the dynamic Sabrina Batshon, one of the finalists on The Voice

So here’s to all the gorgeous shapes and sizes in the world.

And remember glamour is a shape not a number!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

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