Body Types Part Three – Hourglass and Pears by Jo Bayley

This week we are delving into the world of the Hourglass and Pear.

For those juicy Pears out there, like Kristen Davies and Jennifer Love Hewitt, it’s all about balance.

As Pears tend to be heavier through the hip and thigh area it is important to draw the eye upwards and elongating the leg.

For your top half, if you are a Pear and have great arms, go for a sexy strappy cami.

This puts all the focus on the neckline, in fact it is a good rule to always draw attention to this area.

This can be done by either detailed necklines or fabulous jewellery.

Shoulder pads work well as they broaden and balance the hips.

Bright colours up top paired with solid tones on the bottom are perfect.

Cropped jackets and shrugs work too if you are self conscious about your arms.

Add a detailed belt and a floaty skirt to accentuate a small waist and you have a gorgeous party look.

A-Line dresses or skirts are the optimal design for the Pear.

Make sure the hemline ends at the slimmest part of the leg to keep this look flattering.

When deciding on a coat, keep it belted at the waist, once again drawing the eye to the slimmest part of the body.

With pants, the pear is always best with darker, solid colours and a boot leg jean with stretch is the perfect shape.

I love Levi’s “curve ID” range.

They cater perfectly to this body type. A major problem for Pears is finding jeans that fit the hips and waist.

Usually they will have to settle for fitting the hips and have the waist taken in. Levis solves this beautifully.

Just go on line and do the “curve quiz”, make sure you are honest!

You only cheat yourself out of a flawless fit if you’re not!

Many Pears would be “supreme curve fit”.

These have design features such as tilted pockets to flatter and a high rise back for full coverage without gapping.

Faultless fit makes for a slim silhouette, add that silky sexy top in your most flattering colour and you are “date” ready!

Pears, run for the hills if someone offers you a pair of pleated pants with side pockets, leave these to columns.

Now the time has come for the Hourglass!

It may be taken for granted that an hourglass figure can wear anything, but there are rules for these gals too!

The majority of hourglasses are short waisted, and remember to keep height in mind.

Great examples of this body type are Sofia Veraga,the iconic Marilyn Monroe and the very sexy sexagenarian Academy Award winner Helen Mirren.

The perfect neckline for this body type is a deep V.

This draws the eye to that wonderful wasp waist and narrows broad shoulders.

A fitted V-neck cardigan give a gorgeous “sweater girl” look.

Belts are fab too, just make sure they aren’t too wide as this can shorten the waist even more. We never want to add unwanted bulk to this form.

Fine knitwear, block colours and wrap dresses are excellent for an unbroken line.

Steer clear of boxy silhouettes as they will just make you look frumpy.

Forget the shift dress as this does nothing to flatter your form.

Firm fabrics that support are paramount.

The hourglass is usually big busted, so good support to show off that sensuous shape is a must.

A small draped or 3/4 style sleeve is excellent for larger arms.

When choosing a shirt, go for a style where the buttons start at the bust.

If buttoned from the collar it will add extra bulk, and just make you look puffy.

Coats with a V neck and hip pockets that are belted draw the eye to the waist are ideal.

Pencil skirts exaggerate killer curves, so all you hourglass gals go for it.

Think that sexy “Mad Men” 50’s style!

When deciding on pants, keep a simple line and steer clear of bulk. Always maintain a sleek silhouette and tailoring is key.

Whether you are an apple, column, pear or hourglass, the wrap dress is a universally flattering piece to have in your wardrobe.

I also can’t stress enough the importance of great fitting underwear.

This creates the base for any look and can make or break the line.

So when next updating your wardrobe keep in mind these basic rules for your individual body type.

And remember, glamour is NOT a size, it’s a shape!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

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