Brian Cox – Journeying Through the Cosmos, Brisbane Bound

Brian-Cox-on-Mountain-Top‘Knowledge and inspiration are classless’ notes the brilliant world famous particle physicist Professor Brian Cox (b1968-). He is undoubtedly one of the most sought after, popular and powerful presenters on the planet, making science sexy.

Brian Cox is a Professor of Particle Physics and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, and he works at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. He wants to help us all to understand how physics first carved natural wonders across the solar system 13.7 billion years ago and inspire each and every one of us want to find out more.

Professor-Brian-Cox-OBEHis commitment to informing, shocking and exciting people is admirable as is his unique quiet affable manner. He has a captivating style and it is easy to understand why thousands flock to hear or see him paying very high prices.

Cox has an amazing ability to stimulate interest and fascination with the facts surrounding the vastness of the universe and our planet’s make up.

During his career to date he has presented the popular TV Series Wonders of the Solar System 2010, Wonders of the Universe 2011, Wonders of Life 2013 and his latest, Human Universe 2014.

For all of these he has travelled to the most extreme remote and fascinating locations on earth entertaining us all at home in our living rooms while we learn more about the world and our place within it.

In the Human Universe his latest program we all came to understand the greatest wonder of them all – humankind.

He discussed how, when it was time, physics and chemistry came together to create a living being.

It’s not surprising he’s coming down under again in November after previous positive and happy experiences. He will perform to many ‘sold out audiences’ when he is here, with many begging for yet more.


Gustav Holst, Cheltenham, UK

This time he will be in Brisbane and on stage with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO), making much more than beautiful music.

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is thinking big and aiming for the stars,” said the state Arts Minister Ian Walker when announcing their 2014 season, presenting a program of performances combining ‘science, music, voice and film.

Apart from presentations entitled Einstein’s Universe and The Physics of Time, a special highlight will be The Planets Suite by the English composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934).

Working alongside Academy Award and Golden Globe winning composer Dario Marianelli, virtuoso violinist Jack Liebeck and The Australian Voices, Brian Cox will narrate as they go on a ‘Journey through the Cosmos together.

The Planet’s Suite by Gustav Holst is one of the most popular works often played at the English Proms annually.

This great orchestral suite composed from 1914-1916, brought music, mythology and astrology together in sensational style. A wonderful suite of music, it was devoted to celebrating the known ‘planets’ of the universe of the time, except the earth.

the PlanetsThose named were Mars: The Bringer of War, Venus: The Bringer of Peace, Mercury: The Winged Messenger, Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity, Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age, Uranus: The Magician and Neptune: The Mystic.

From concert bands to marching bands and percussion ensembles, to rock bands, piano duets and organs, it’s a work that engages all the emotions and it is no surprise either that it has been adapted over time for many different types of musical presentation.

Co-incidentally Jupiter is now not considered a ‘planet’ at all while Pluto has since been added as one. Although he knew about Pluto, Holst showed no interest whatsoever in penning an additional composition to represent that planet

Queensland SymphonyIt’s reported that he was upset about the ‘popularity’ of the suite and how it took focus away from his other works.

Holst did however adapt the central section of Jupiter in 1921 to work with the poem ‘I Vow to Thee My Country written by Sir Cecil Spring Rice. This was in response to the sad results of the many lives lost during World War II.

The other work on the ‘Journey Through The Cosmos’ Program is the Voyager violin concerto by Italian composer of piano, orchestral and film music Dario Marianelli (b1963-).

Born in Pisa his well-known film scores include soundtracks for 2009 drama film about a musician who develops schizophrenia and becomes homeless entitled The Soloist.

Then there are the soundtracks for Pride and Prejudice 2005, The Brother’s Grimm 2005 and Atonement 2007, for which he won the Academy Award for his Best Original Score.

Sigourney Weaver, Sandy Tosvig and Brian Cox on Graham Norton' Show - The Red Couch

Sigourney Weaver, Sandy Tosvig and Brian Cox on Graham Norton’ Show – The Red Couch

QSO commissioned Professor Brian Cox to introduce Voyager’s world premiere, and it will be performed on stage by the internationally acclaimed violinist from Great Britain Jack Liebeck along with the QSO, conducted by Chief Conductor Johannes Fritzsch and The Australian Voices.


The Australian Voices – Fete de la Musique, 2008 Brisbane – Photo by Antoine Matarasso

Collectively they will all make marvellous sounds together, sounds that are a sign of the sweet sound of success.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

Watch Professor Brian Cox Talk about the Universe

Journey Through The Cosmos
Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Presenter Particle physicist Professor Brian Cox
Conductor Johannes Fritzsch
Violin Jack Liebeck
The Australian Voices

Four Concerts at QPAC
6, 7, and 8th November, 2014

THU 6 NOV 8.00PM

FRI 7 NOV 8.00PM


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