CafeSmart & Crowdfunding – StreetSmart Australia Need HELP

Adam Robinson, CEO and Founder of StreetSmart Australia, who work hard to raise funds to help those experiencing homelessness, reports the organisation are facing ‘difficult times and they may well get more difficult’. Federal and State budgets have delivered a mixed bag of policies, seeing a number of community projects directly defunded, with uncertainty and changes around large scale funding agreements. There was also zero discussion on how to combat our housing affordability crisis.  Tragically a number of organisations and projects, which StreetSmart has been proud to support, are near to closing.

Adam went on to say “It’s hard to make much sense out of these decisions and it can seem overwhelming when we consider the implications of other major social policy decisions, such as the withdrawal of support from young people facing unemployment, to name just one. These decisions will put an enormous burden on the organisations we support, however they are often the ones forgotten about or least able to find alternative funding sources. So StreetSmart will continue to do as much as we can to support the projects and programs we know help people back on their feet and make such a difference in local communities. You can DONATE HERE

In light of these challenges and to raise our fundraising capacity we have been developing a new crowdfunding platform. In the coming months this platform will go live and you’ll be able to join our StreetSmart crowd. Our new platform, “StreetSmart Projects”, will be unique in focusing on raising funds for smaller organisations helping people who are homeless or at risk – just as we do now – but allowing you to directly fund the projects.

During coming months they are rehauling their brand and refining it and have started working on CafeSmart 2014, to be held on the 8th August.

CafeSmart is a one day annual event that unites coffee makers and drinkers around Australia to help people that are homeless. Participating cafes donate $1 for each coffee sold on August 8th 2014. 100% of this donation will go to grassroots projects in the area it was raised.”

Adam needs as many Cafes involved as possible.  They need an army of volunteers who will drop off info flyers to their local cafes (or just their favourite spot).  It’s easy to do – Download the CafeSmart Sign Up flyer here and print it off at home or office and hit the pavement with a smile on your face!  When you drop off flyers, have a chat with the owner and say why its important to get involved.

Maybe get friends or your work gang would become involved too?  You can also DONATE HERE and in anticipation Adam says “Thanks for helping!”

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