CafeSmart – Harness Your Daily Dose of Caffeine for a Cause

It’s a chilly morning in Melbourne and as autumn sheds its leaves and turns into winter, StreetSmart Australia and its founder and leader Adam Robinson is gearing up to help the homeless through the chill with its initiative CafeSmart, inviting  people to harness their habit for a daily dose of caffeine for a cause.

Robinson, who says he was also only an ‘armchair activist’ for a long time, went on a quest a decade ago to find out why people are homeless. He had read a powerful article in The Big Issue that dismantled the nation’s most widely held prejudices about homelessness and felt compelled to action.

He discovered that the majority are usually suffering from a complex and diverse series of issues, which affects their ability to trust and to seek help. Domestic violence, mental health, familial breakdown and a lack of affordable housing is not something they can control and they become victims of societies dark side.

CafeSmart will take place on June 7th this year, a day when coffee suppliers and cafe’s alike help out by pledging $1 for every coffee sold on the day to the social profit organisation StreetSmart. They offer financial support to grass root groups who are at the frontline on our streets helping people experiencing homelessness. Last year, some 232 cafes nationwide collectively raised close to $75,000 in a single day.

Now in its third year, Robinson is appealing to the public at large to get behind his drive to assist society’s most vulnerable. Cafe’s are local community hubs at the heart of today’s society and coffee culture, so they are in a unique position to help. If you have a cafe who regularly provides you with your daily dose of caffeine, please ask them to be CafeSmart and to harness their efforts for the cause and help to make a difference.

Download and hand the info flyer attached to the proprietor of your favourite Cafe today.  SSA_CafeSmart2013_Info_Flyer

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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