Carolyn, Jo, Helen and Janet’s Christmas Gift Hit List, 2013

Our writers, Carolyn, Jo, Janet and Helen have each contributed to The Circle’s Christmas Gift Hit List, 2013.  There are many great gift picks for you to find those special somethings for family and friend. There are also culinary delights and as you can imagine, gifts that help Australian creative enterprises are very popular with us all, as are all those that keep giving back to the growth of arts, culture and society.

We hope you support those retailers and organisations we list, because they all have a great deal to offer. Beautiful boutique shops like Home and Abroad in Melbourne will enable you to find the right gift for someone you love or admire for Xmas, and many of them all year around.  Helen is choosing shops in Brisbane, Jo in Sydney and Carolyn and Janet in Melbourne. Then there are all our Online suggestions as well.

We want to acknowledge and support our musician colleagues, who add such a layer of richness to all of our lives with their talent, energy, enthusiasm and love for the expansion of arts and culture in Australia. 2014 is set to be an awesome year for Music in Australia, in all its disciplines and so we have included some very special programs on offer for you to consider supporting by subscription. Buying tickets to single concerts also helps.

We also invite you to remember those who are having difficulties this Xmas by supporting our two suggested social profit organizations, Look Good Feel Better and StreetSmart Australia, whose annual initiative DineSmart in December helps out those experiencing homelessness.

We will keep adding to our Christmas Gift Hit List until December 21st. So please, check often.  Follow our link to our special Christmas Gift Hit List Page Now.

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