Catriona Pollard – Artist’s Solo Show, Synchronicity of Now

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Catriona Pollard 1Renowned for re-using natural organic materials that have been foraged, such as vines and grasses, along with earthy materials including charcoal, clay and ash, Sydney based fibre artist Catriona Pollard has a raft of admirers who are growing exponentially.

Surfacing_Catriona Pollard HR BCatriona Pollard has a new solo exhibition showcasing her unique nature based sculptures exploring the synchronicity of now, which will be on show October 26 – November 12, 2017 at Sydney Road Gallery at Seaforth in Sydney.

Catriona grew up in country NSW with summers at the beach and every other school holidays camping and walking through National Parks with her family.

Her experiences made lasting impressions.

“This collection is about seeing the extraordinary in everyday moments” says Catriona.

“For me, it’s about being still, and letting the beauty emerge”, which it does, she said.

Catch Me If You Can-Catriona Pollard HRCatriona Pollard 4Must say that I personally find Catriona’s work both ethereal and eternal, as she explores her own connection with the natural world, releasing her emotions to craft and weave so effectively her ‘simple moments in time’.

If only I was in Sydney to see it… let’s hope she exhibits in Melbourne too soon.

Her works highlight the importance of human beings pausing to consider and connect with the natural world whenever they have an opportunity.

For me watching the way the bull rushes wave softly in the breeze along the Yarra River here in Melbourne on my daily walk is indeed important.

Catriona Pollard 3Then when walking through Fern Gully in the Royal Botanical Gardens, I particularly enjoy watching how the light in all its dappled glory penetrates the dense foliage of the canopy above to make marvellous patterns gently on the plant life thriving below. It inspires positive thoughts, allays fears and stimulates the imagination, making me feel connected and in touch with my inner being.

Catriona Pollard weaves her magic confidently, producing pieces that not only encourage her own reflection but also give her a chance to consider why it is the material that decides what it wants to become.

Rush Hour_Catriona Pollard HR EShe is the instrument ensuring it happens and has dedicated both her time and energy to creating sculptural works that explore her desire for exceeding boundaries whenever she can, for in so doing she can ‘evoke feelings of nature, earth and ancient wisdom’.

Sydney locals and visitors please note. Should be a very special show!

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017

Catriona Pollard 2Catriona Pollard
Synchronicity of Now

October 26 – November 12, 2017

Sydney Road Gallery
Seaforth, Sydney

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