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Twiggy on ChairWhile everything may appear new a style successful in its aesthetic, is sensitive to, or appreciative of art or beauty and, pleasing in its appearance. It has usually conformed and complied with the ‘rule of taste’ of its time, which is in its turn is governed by fashionable concerns.

Twiggy, the face of 66 became the world’s first supermodel posing stylishly on a chair, or should we say a piece of ‘equipment for the home’?

Well, that’s at least what one of the foremost leaders of style during the twentieth century believed – Swiss-French architect designer, painter and writer Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, known as Le Corbusier.

Chair Cover 1He embraced a theoretical concept that had survived from ancient Greece, that all our architectural spaces and the furniture that filled them should relate to the mathematics of the human form – uniting form and function.

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