Christmas – A Time for Rest, Recreation and Refreshment


Celebrate the festive season with good cheer, a little wine and sweet words. This is the time to be thankful to your host, resolve to give joy to others and, to praise and enjoy life. Over this period in Australia it is summer time and we will all be taking some time out with family and friends for rest, recreation and refreshment, which is the key to good health in the year ahead.

The Culture Concept Circle team wish to convey our very best wishes to all our readers and supporters, whose loyalty and encouragement in 2012 has meant a great deal. Thank you.

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1. Sculpture – Art at the Pinnacle of What is Possible
2. Andy Warhol Pop Art Prince – King of People’s Perceptions
3. What Is Art Deco – Does it Celebrate Life as Art?
4. Maison Cartier – Timeless Design and Unmatched Craftsmanship
5. Franklin & Jefferson – Founding The Architecture of Freedom
6. Tartan, Plaid, Kilts, Clans and Customs – Scotland the Brave
7. Downton Abbey Season 3 Begins – Everyone Loves a Wedding
8. Towers – Symbols of Hope and Freedom
9. Classical Architecture – At the Meeting of Human and Divine
10. Extravagant Inventions – The Roentgen Family Cabinetmakers
11. Tiara to the Aigrette – Hair Ornament, Halo or ‘Cock’s Comb’
12. The Queen’s Diamonds – A Jubilee Celebration 2012

Enjoy the Holidays!

Posting will resume from Epiphany – Sunday January 6, 2013

Carolyn McDowall, Writer in Residence & Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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