Christmas Celebration – The Gift of Hope through Love

Detail Della Robbia; Cantoria
Detail Della Robbia; Cantoria
Detail Della Robbia; Cantoria

Detail Della Robbia; Cantoria

All around the world there is a growing sense of community for us to embrace, encourage and sustain; reflecting the excellence of our arts and cultural wealth no matter who we are or whatever our background or beliefs.

group of happy young people jumping on the mountainComing together with caring, courage, compassion and love at Christmas is all about Christians celebrating the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth, a historical figure who lived and died during the first century.

It is why we have a holiday, albeit a lot of non-Christians also like to celebrate.

Jesus-by-Michelangelo-BESTMany people regarded Jesus in his lifetime as a troublemaker, yet others as a prophet and as divine, as well as by an increasing number, as God himself.

At the heart of their conversion to become followers of Jesus way of life was his courage and compassion, as well as the powerful proof of his unconditional love.

Jesus was given the title The Christ, which is not a surname, but means the anointed one, or Messiah because many believed his coming had fulfilled a long awaited prophecy. He offered ‘new hope’ to one and all.

Great voices singing in tune at Christmas time about Jesus and his love for humanity today resonate with increased significance. They can also remind us of the words and actions of inspiring individuals we have met on our own journey through life.

Crowd-of-Happy-People-web1Today we can help build trust and empathy between societies by expanding our interest and understanding of each other’s arts and culture.

Xmas Tree 1Historical art, design, music, fashion and style reflects who we are; our attitudes and philosophies, our fashions and passions.

This has been true from way back in antiquity to the present day.

Choir by Della RobbiaThe long hot summer has arrived here in Australia in time for Christmas and our bodies are telling us it is time for rest, recreation and refreshment of body, mind, spirit and soul.

We wish you and yours a secure and safe holiday season, as well as a happy New Year filled with courage, kindness and love.  We will be back after Epiphany (January 6).

Carolyn McDowall, writer, editor, publisher on behalf of the team – The Culture Concept Circle

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