Christmas Wrap: 2015 by Fashion Elixir’s Jo Bayley

Jo in SpainSo here we are in December and it’s the final Fashion Elixir for 2015.

This year has seen amazing fashion and trends, concerts and movies, holidays and outings.

Here I am in Melbourne recently, enjoying lunch with Carolyn at the Darling Cafe in South Yarra, an old fashion suburb undergoing urban renewal.

I hope you have enjoyed 2015 as much as I have.

Some fashion highlights this year have been Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA), Fashion Palette and the Fashion Design Studio, where I got to see the talents of the TAFE fashion design graduates.

Next year, 2016 sees MBFWA showing in the month of May, rather than early April.

This change was made to give Australian designers a better opportunity to show their resort collections to the overseas market.

I’m excited to see what they will bring to the runway.

Jo & Ross with Manu Montmartre ParisThe highlight of my year I must say was my fabulous trip to Paris and Spain, where I rediscovered my love of all things tapas!

On our last day in Paris my hubby Ross and I ran into at Montmartre of all people French born Chef Manu Feildel who now lives and works in Australia. It is a small world after all.

MaraisThis year has been an interesting one, not just in Australia but world wide.

Sometimes it’s not just about fashion for me.

The world is a complex place and no more so than Paris, France.

On November 13th the city of light and love was rocked to its core by meaningless violence.

Marais BestThis was close to me, because my husband was staying in the very same district, the beautiful Marais as these events unfolded.

He was safe, thank goodness, but many were not.

The very things we hold dear to our hearts are so fragile, and can change in an instant.

For those in Paris at the time, be they Parisians or tourists, their worlds have since been affected in many different ways.

As reasonable human beings it’s hard to fathom what brings another person to perpetrate such heinous acts of terror.

We try to rationalize, which is natural as we need answers.

Sometimes there are no explanations, and we just need to band together to win what can feel like an impossible task.

My wish for all my friends and family, all of whom I cherish dearly, is to have a safe and happy Christmas.

And too you too, my lovely readers.

I look forward to sharing fashion, fun and travel with you in 2016.

jo-bayley-ciao-170Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2015


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