Christopher McVinish ‘Momentary Views’ at Lethbridge Gallery

McVinish 1Christopher McVinish has a new exhibition “Momentary Views’, which is opening on August 29 at the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane, renowned for providing a space in which both artists and art lovers can share a passion for a creative world.

He has had a busy year to date having been selected as a finalist in this year’s Wynne Prize as well as the Tattersalls Landscape Art Prize

McVinish 2Much inspiration comes from the urban landscape, where he seeks to provoke a response from his viewer by having them enter into a dialogue about their interpretation of his work and what memories or ideas it inspires. He has always ‘drawn on the past as well as the present in a quest to ‘find meaning in the mundane’.

Christopher McVinish in encountering our contemporary world, creates imaginative narratives, that explore the fleeting images that whirl by everyday as we traverse the world of our making.

McVinish 3In his artist statement he says …’I want my paintings to have an air of expectancy and strangeness – these are places where something has just happened or is about to happen. I think of it like hitting the pause button while watching a movie. In a memorable movie the images remain with you long after the film has finished. That’s what I’m always after with my painting’ McVinish notes.

McVinish 4

Momentary Views’ at Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane where he was born, is about Christopher McVinish hunting for fragments of urban life out of which he conjures another reality.

McVinish 5He is inviting us to speculate about the ambiguous situations he presents, at the same time reminding us of aspects of everyday life taken for granted.

In doing so, he showcases the commonplace as special and suffused with potential.

Break the tethers that bind and celebrate everyday Momentary Views with Christopher McVinish, from 29 August – 10 September 2015 at the Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington Qld

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