Claude Monet @ Giverny and Monet’s Garden, New York

Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) responded to the changes of seasons his whole life. He celebrated the real art of gardening in the creation of his now world famous garden at Giverney, in Normandy. He recorded many impressions of a region full of magic light and the charm that seduced and held him captive for the rest of his natural life. He was beguiled by the entire experience of Normandy from the springtime apple blossoms to the early snow, which is rare. All the colours of Normandy are featured in an impressionist’s palette; misty greens of the wheat fields in the mornings; blush pink and creamy white of the apple blossoms; the softly mottled blues, mauves and lavenders, the shimmering golden haze over an orchard at sunset in the autumn, and the pale iridescent sky providing a tableau that enchants on viewing and lingers forever in the memory. Monet’s Garden is a show at The New York Botanical Garden from May to October 2012.

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