Clothing Chameleon: Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, Work the Look

Jo Bayley 6

Jo Bayley 6“You live a dozen different lives- one at home, another at work, another out in the evening, another in the country, another in the city, and at least two more for fun

Be yourself in fashion, and you can live nine lives at once.”

Jo and Sam

You also never know, when living one of them you may even run into a heart throb television star like Sam Heughan from Outlander.

He caught me en casuale at Bondi, quite comfortable in my own skin.

Jo Bayley 3There is a quote from Vogue magazine dated April, 1974 that recently had me thinking, how many fashion personas do we really have?

Jo Bayley BEStI adore the idea of living nine fashion lives!

For some I’m sure once they find their “look” they stick to it, but for others it can be a matter of what they are doing and who they are doing it with!

i know I’m definitely from the the latter group, it all hinges on the activity.

And I actually really like having the versatility.

I know myself well, and can get bored easily on the sartorial front, so the chance to mix it up always comes as a fun exercise.

Even in my teenage years, I loved a different look every day and didn’t really care about the practicalities!

These days I’m a little more pragmatic.

Also, I do feel blessed that those years were the good old 1980’s and you could be whatever you wanted.

Jo Bayley at Fashion Week 2015Punk, skinhead, rockabilly, mod, goth, new romantic, buffalo gal, and a host more, were all looks du jour.

Still, there were people I knew and still know that embrace just one genre and not only dress it, but live and breathe it.

Jo Bayley 5It’s a lifestyle not just a fad. I think I’m way too flighty for that, but I do sincerely admire their convictions.

So, how many fashion personalities do I have?

Jo Bayley 8Well, in my mid forties I have worked out what suits me and my body type, so now I tend to cherry pick certain styles to fulfill my own needs.

Really though, for me fashion is about keeping it fun.

And just because you may be getting older, doesn’t mean you should change who you are.

Jo Bayley 2When I’m at Fashion Week, it’s all about creating a whole look for the day. It’s about channeling a vibe or a muse and running with it wholeheartedly. And a new guise everyday, for seven days!

It may sound exhausting, but the only thing that sends me into a tizz is if the weather doesn’t play nice. I mean really, nature should be more accommodating!

Usually I’ll pick a designer and a runway theme. This year I chose Dior as a look. Nipped in waist and lady like glamour.

Daphne Guiness also was an influence. Clean lines and a monochromatic “new romantic” edge.

Bridgette Bardot’s ’60’s sex kitten worked a treat and on the very last day a little “Day Glo” madness toned down just a notch, was the perfect compliment to a day filled with new talent and wild cards.

Never forget that fashion is about expressing the inner you.

If you’re going to work the look, own the look.

Jo Bayley 1I always say, if you are comfortable in your own skin, then you’ll look a million dollars.

So I ask you, how many fashion personas do you embrace?

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Elixir, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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