Cubbies for Christmas – Crowdfunding to Help Kids in Crisis

Group of Multiethnic Children Playing BalloonsStreetSmart Australia is renowned for its creative funding initiatives, that call on all Aussies to help those experiencing homelessness, as well as all those affected. Your donation whether in the form of a gold coin or much more, is greatly appreciated and valued.

Today many children right throughout Australia are often caught up in situations of homelessness that they don’t often understand. Nevertheless, they suffer the consequences of terrible events that ensure kids find themselves in crisis too.

With their new project Cubbies for Christmas, StreetSmart Australia are endeavouring to make a difference in the children in care’s lives directly. This joint initiative has been undertaken with creative play specialists Tinyfolk. They will provide women’s refuges and safe-houses throughout Australia with Playhouses, so kids experiencing crisis might have access to quality play experiences.

Cheerful group of children lying in the park.Cubbies for Christmas aims to raise $2,500 to purchase 50 Tinyfolk Playhouses at cost price, and cover their delivery nationwide –  just in time for Christmas!

If they raise more money they will simply send out more cubbies to more refuges.

Will you help?

Would you be able to Donate Now – All contributions are gratefully received.

Children are the future of our culture.

Play is such an important part of a child’s early development especially, and for little ones living through such traumatic times, acting out their anger or finding a place where they can feel safe, is vital.

cubby PlayYoung people learn through their physical, social and cultural environment.

A child’s interest in the natural and built environment, including their attitude toward animals, the plants, the sea, the planets, the arts, the cities and the countryside are all established in the important play arena.

Their self-esteem grows, their communication skills are enhanced,  and the way that they conduct their relationships with other people are formed.

Major changes to Government funding of crisis accommodation too is much under threat right now. Closure of, and funding cuts for, many women’s refuges are meaning those endeavouring to help other people in crisis are being undervalued and not supported either.

This is a crisis situation. Cubbies for Christmas will help kids in crisis experience joy.

Every night in Australia, events take place that would shock the average family to its core. Some of the events I witnessed first hand often when I was living in the precinct of St John’s Cathedral at Brisbane for five years, were hard to come to terms with.

Women and children are fleeing from dreadful domestic violence experiences all the time. It’s terrible to think that such anger exists, let alone know how to deal with, especially when you are a tiny tot.

Child in crisisWomen’s refuges, whose locations have to remain a secret to protect those they are sheltering from often extremely violent offenders, barely have enough essentials for them to get by, let alone be able to offer more.

They also have to be able to pick up sticks and flee if they are discovered as violent offenders have been known to take their anger out on care workers as well.

It’s a truly horrendous way for anyone to have to live, even if its only for a short and while as they wait to find a better place to be helping the children is at least one way of starting.

For these bewildered children it is completely devastating.

This project was first successfully rolled out in NSW and VIC in 2013 and now in 2014, StreetSmart Australia is wanting to send playhouses out to WA, QLD, SA, TAS and the ACT as well.

They cannot do it without our help.

Culture Concept Circle Subscribers and Supporters Help Give the Gift of Play this Xmas and some Christmas Cheer with Cubbies for Christmas, helping kids in crisis have a positive future

“Often, alternate therapies and items outside of basic operational/living essentials of a women’s refuge or safe house cannot be considered due to very tight budgets and lack of funding.  However providing this simple yet effective resource, greatly benefits a huge number of children who sadly find themselves homeless, in supported accommodation, due to family violence.”  Domestic Violence NSW

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Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014


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