Culture in the Colony

Due to the interest of botanist and naturalist Sir Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820) Australian plants became known in England after 1770. The first conscious attempt at garden layout at Sydney was most certainly the grounds of Government House, constructed in 1788. A view rendered in c1792 depicts a naive pavilion, inspired by the English Palladian style, set in a clearing on the harbour’s edge where primeval forest still fringed the tiny settlement. The eucalyptus forest has been thinned and wooden picket fences protect the garden, which is more sophisticated in its planning than the new cottage gardens to the west. From here a hedge-lined path descends to the waterfront between garden beds. A pair of exotic trees, valued at this point in garden history, are given special emphasis by their placement within circular beds, while two clumps of ornamental shrubs before the windows of the house receive similar treatment

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