Cupcake Day for the RSPCA – August 20, 2012 is One Sweet Day

“Paws for a Moment” and consider the importance of pet’s in our lives and then start baking to raise funds on Cupcake Day for the RSPCA (Royal Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals). This community based social profit organisation works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. The Cupcake Day initiative is all about giving a surrendered puppy a home, rescuing a neglected pony, providing emergency surgery for an injured kitten, bird, helping a beached whale and saving thousands of ‘man’s best friends lives. Organisers are calling Cupcake Day the ‘sweetest day of the year’.

It takes place on Monday 20th August in 2012 in Australia and with links to all your favourite social media outlets you can also show off your cupcake creations to the world while you help them to raise funds. Last year they raised $1.1 million, this year they are hoping to top that amount. Using cage-free eggs when baking your favourite cupcake flavour is mandatory. Funds raised will go towards helping shelters, clinics, inspectors and animals in your home state.

The RSPCA receives less than 5% of its funding from government so initiatives like Cupcake Day are vital to increasing sponsorship, donations and raising awareness of the constant fight to prevent animal cruelty. Events are being held all over Australia to support this cause and volunteers are busy perfecting their recipes. Put your passion for pooches and pets of every variety to work. Bake cupcakes for humans or for animals and donate the funds on Cupcake Day to the RSPCA, which helps all creatures great and small.

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