David Henderson – Capturing Italy’s Essence, Exhibition 2015

David-HendersonCapturing Italy’s essence, the internationally renowned Brisbane artist David Henderson will present his annual exhibition at Graydon Gallery, New Farm in Brisbane 21st August – Sunday 30th August, 2015. David spends the best part of his year in Italy, painting outdoors in Venice, where he produces works that capture the ambiance and the colour of this unique city in the water. David hosted his first European painting and art history tour of Paris this year and held his first Italian exhibition in Rome in late April 2015. This led to an invitation-only residency at the esteemed Creta organisation.

Tartaruga FountainIn the past 12 months David Henderson‘s passion for painting in Italy has grown even stronger with the artist immersing himself in Rome, Florence, Tuscany as well as from his base in Venice.  “Italy’s humanised landscapes and harmonious urban spaces have attracted artists for centuries. For me, her subjects are inexhaustible. With every passing hour and from season  to season with new possibilities, new moods,” David said. From Roman times water was at the forefront of Italian culture The bath was one of the centres of Roman social life and today Italy’s fountains and gardens have become an opportunity for it to show off the national love of festive display such as David’s wonderful image of the Tartaruga Fountain in Rome.


A centrepiece for the show will be the larger work inspired by the artist’s residency in Rome, Afternoon in the Roman Forum, which David Henderson will be entering into the prestigious invitation-only Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize, which opens in September 2015 in Brisbane. “Whether I am painting famous monuments or lesser known views, what I look for in a subject is a synthesis of light and form. While my practice is based very firmly on direct observation and the plein air tradition, I am as concerned with the enduring characteristics of my subject as with fleeting effects,” David said.

San BarnabaCapturing the mesmerizing qualities of their light and tonality is important. “Since Italy is further from the equator than Australia, light at this hour lasts longer. This means I have a greater window of opportunity to depict it – to get it down on canvas before “I am particularly drawn to the subdued harmony of evening, when the low sun casts surprising patterns of light and shade and its mellow warmth seems to coax the colour out of objects,” David Henderson said. Venice is a favourite.

Villa Gamberaia

For many of us Italy today becomes a pilgrimage in search of our own heritage. Its wealth of historical remains and art treasures provide the magnate for us as they document man’s journey from prehistory. In the glorious garden at the Villa Gamberaia near Florence laid out during the eighteenth century the incredible clipped topiary encloses a kind of outdoor boudoir for use on hot summer afternoons in a spectacular fusion of nature and culture captured superbly by DAVID HENDERSON, Graydon Gallery, 29 Merthyr Road, New Farm Friday 21 August – Sunday 30 August, 2015

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