David Rankin – Red Dragons

David Rankin - Red Dragons Exhibition Melbourne 2019 - 10

Over the centuries, exciting stories around dragons have changed or influenced the way we perceive, approach, think about and indeed, have also presented, as a ‘rage for simplicity in the world of art.Dragon head in darkness

They encompass and enrich the whole experience of visual art.

A dragon in the grand scheme of exotic mythical beasts, is a large, serpent-like legendary creature, which has appeared in the folklore of many cultures around the world over the centuries.

An archive of elegance and experience, which has been delineated, drawn, crafted and created by New York Australian-based artist, David Rankin for his newest and most exciting show to be displayed in recent years, at the Charles Nodrum Gallery at Richmond here in Melbourne. The show promises to be completely out of the box; innovative, unique as well as surprising.

Dragons have become a leading advocate for mid-century abstraction, a unique form of art world wide, which we have perceived and come to terms with on many different levels.

Black dragon fire eye

They are grand movements or gestures in expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and orientalism – always exotic and intriguing.

First described as an allegory of impulse, a dragon can also change from dark to light and every shade in between.

Taking on and what David Rankin’s friends might regard, as not only a man of deep cultural, spiritual, but also in many ways, religiously related works, dragons have touched their vibrant stories, as they cast their illuminating light.

David Rankin - Red Dragons Exhibition Melbourne 2019 - 10

David Rankin – Red Dragons Exhibition Melbourne 2019 Red Dragons Rising

This show for the Charles Nodrum Gallery promises to be something very special indeed. I cannot wait to see it personally.

Made of copious amounts of glorious flowing silk, the colour red is very important in the Chinese manner, with yellow the most sacred of colours which represents the centre of all things, the earth.

Ancient vintage golden painting of dragon on red wooden wall

It also speaks to us as part of a continuum, an important and powerful aspect of culture that is timeless, full of beauty and indeed, beyond compare.

It reminds me of David Rankin’s works in between, while speaking eloquently about so much that is also new and exciting; a catalyst for moving forward with both love and hope.

Exhibition Details

David Rankin
05 October – 26 October, 2019
Charles Nodrum Gallery
267 Church Street, Richmond 3121

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2019

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