Dine Smart this Xmas Season – Dine Out & Help Out Others

At The Culture Concept Circle we urge you to assist Adam Robinson and his fabulous team and Dine Out and Help Out others this Xmas festive season. Let us all help to share the joy around.

What follows is a letter from Adam Robinson, a former Australia soldier who had a lightbulb moment in 2002, starting Streetsmart Australia to help those experiencing homelessness. The marvellous initiative they run each November and December is the DineSmart campaign in Australia, which is now underway.

Adam explained…

… ‘the reason StreetSmart Australia exists at all is that 11 years ago I came across StreetSmart in the UK.  At the time I was working at a small youth service in the outer suburbs trying to find ways to fund our work and engage the community.   It was a tough gig.

The StreetSmart UK concept of asking diners to add on a small micro donation to their restaurant bill was a brilliantly simple idea to help fund local grassroots homeless projects.

Fast forward, and with your support,  we have raised $2.55 million, supporting 724 projects.

But why is this funding important, is it worth all the effort?  Of course it is.

The reality is that homelessness is real for around 250,000 people who access services in Australia each year.

Small homeless services (such as women’s and youth refuges) really struggle to fundraise, they just don’t have many volunteers, sponsors or ambassadors, or the skills and resources, yet they need funds.

Thats where we step in and help out.  In 2013 we have funded 185 projects.  It maybe funding very basic needs like new mattresses, linen, clothes, cots or toys, or it could be legal advice, education, therapy or living skills.

As we kick off another DineSmart campaign through 146 wonderful restaurant partners we’d like to suggest a few ways you can help us make this another successful year to help people who are experiencing the toughest of times’.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013

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