DineSmart 2013 – Dine Out and Help Out Others

Dine Out and Help Out from November 11 – December 31 2013 and provide a benefit to people in need at a time of year when giving help to others has a great outcome. DineSmart 2013 is a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of life we all share in Australia especially at Christmas time by ensuring we don’t leave out those people who daily struggle to just have one meal because they are experiencing homelessness.

This is an initiative of StreetSmart Australia, who takes action against homelessness. All you have to do is book at one of their participating restaurants for your professional or personal celebrations from November 11 to December 31. By simply adding $2 or more to the bill at the end of your meal you can make a power of difference and have a positive effect on helping someone who needs support.

100% of the funds goes directly to those on the ground. StreetSmart Australia are raising funds and awareness for all the grassroots services and projects operating at the ‘coal face’ of life. They are the experts at raising the funds for those busy providing critical health services and emergency aid to the homeless. They are providing valuable support for those people in trouble because of traumatic situations they find themselves in. StreetSmart and all those agencies they support are empowering them to take charge of their life and get back on track so they can have a future.

DineSmart works best in restaurants that are passionate about their involvement, train their staff and participate by engaging with their customers. They are committed to building stronger communities and see the event as a great way to do just that while building relationships with their customers and staff. In 2012, StreetSmart reports, some ‘176 of Australia’s top restaurants participated in StreetSmart’s “DINESMART” event’ and they raised $361,471.00. Wouldn’t it be great to help them boost the amount!

We need to help them expand it too. If you have a favourite local cafe or restaurant whether ‘big or small, fine dining or café, CBD or regional, StreetSmart enables you to participate and get involved in helping out. DineSmart is a fun, feel good event that builds relationships and strengthens communities’. Be sure to be involved this Xmas. http://www.streetsmartaustralia.org


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