DineSmart 2015 – Dine Out at Xmas and Help Out the Homeless

Dine SmartDineSmart 2015 – Dine Out at Xmas and Help Out the Homeless between 9th November and 31st December 2015, as StreetSmart Australia takes action against homelessness. With their project DineSmart they annually raise funds and awareness of all those wonderful grassroots agencies and projects who are at the coal face helping others. Those volunteers and administrators involved believe that everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home.

StreetSmartBy adding a small donation to your meal in a restaurant around Australia participating in the project, you are helping to fund community projects. If your favourite restaurant is not involved perhaps they do not know about this excellent initiative. Sign them Up.


Tell them renowned chefs such as Teage Ezard of Ezard and Gingerboy in Melbourne is involved. Ezard says`I’ve supported DineSmart now for 10 years as it’s a very worthy cause, it’s easily administered and always well received by our guests.

StreetSmart provide all the collateral our staff and guests need to understand the program, the opt-out nature of the donations doesn’t disrupt service, and there’s always support on hand from StreetSmart when we need it. It’s a win-win.“

Dine Out Help OutDineSmart unites restaurants and their diners to help people in their local community. For the six weeks in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year, participating DineSmart restaurants ask each table to add a small $2 donation to their bill.

Big or small, fine dining or café, CBD or regional, DineSmart is a fun, feel good event that builds relationships and strengthens communities.  StreetSmart is blindingly simple, doing something wonderfully kind. They invite diners all over Australia to make a special effort to dine at participating restaurants and leave a donation. At any one time they will have a number of projects happening in your neck of the woods. You can help fund a project, get involved as a volunteer, donate your extra change or more and as well, Dine Out and Help Out this Xmas 9th November – 31st December, 2015 – DineSmart Participating Restaurants




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