DineSmart by StreetSmart – Helping Out Someone Sleeping Out

DineSmart 2018 Lge

DineSmart 2018 LgeDineSmart is now happening all over Australia, where StreetSmart Australia, partners with generous restaurants, whose management and staff are willing to help fundraise, and support, local homelessness projects.  It ends on December 31.

2-dollarsThe money raised by adding one or two dollars to your bill for each person dining, is 100% donated to local grass roots projects, whose volunteers and workers are helping to change lives!

Find your participating restaurant NOW!

Uber EatsUber Eats is the Principal Sponsor in 2018, along with other industry leaders as Sponsors, so your daily meal can and will mean a great deal to others too.

Christmas CookiesIn a world where there are those who seek to destroy our way of life, based on freedom and human rights for all, we all need to concentrate on the Christmas message of caring, courage, compassion and love.

Adam Robinson and CrewMany people at this time of year need our support and in Australia wonderful organisations such as StreetSmart Australia founded by Adam Robinson in 2003.

StreetSmart 1Since that time he has annually conducted its major fund raising events CafeSmart and DineSmart to aid those helping those in need, supporting our society.

Group of People Relaxing Outdoors With CoffeeFrom Café’s to Restaurants that cater to finding dining experiences, dining out at a participating restaurant is important, because it has the means in place to ensure your donation reaches the cause you are willing to support as well.

Find your participating restaurant NOW!

HomelessnessYou can make a massive difference to those sleeping rough, those experiencing homelessness, which is not a lifestyle choice, but a place where any one of us could find ourselves when times are hard.

Psychologists tell us home is far more than a habitat, it’s our place to be whether in a cave or custom built mansion sited on a fancy avenue, a home is a basic need of all human beings.

So, do please help out someone sleeping out and take action against homelessness, raising funds to ensure those working at the coal face of homelessness, where the demands on their time are urgent, to fulfill their mission and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2018

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